May 21, 2024
AA Kredit Loan App Review

⭐AA Kredit Loan App Review 2023 | Is AA Kredit Loan App Legit?

AA Kredit Loan App Review 2023: The AA Kredit Loan App is an instant online loan application that makes the claim to offer customers quick, paperless loans. This Kredit loan app guarantees loan approval on the same day, no additional fees, and stress-free repayment from anywhere at any time.

On March 11, 2023, the AA Kredit loan application was made available. Pawan Finvest Private Limited, which has an RBI license, published this loan app.

AA Kredit Instant Loan App

App NameAA Kredit Instant Loan App
Loan AmountMin Rs 5,000 & Max Rs 2.5 lacs.
Loan Term91 days –360 days.
Loan interest rate10 to 24 %.
FeesNo other hidden fees

AA Kredit Loan App Eligibility

  • (1) You have to be an Indian citizen.
  • (2) You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • (3) Have an Aadhaar card as well as a PAN.
  • (4) You need a functioning bank account.

How To Get a Loan From AA Kredit Instant Loan App

  • (1) The Google Play Store is where you should first download and install this app.
  • (2) After that, you must sign up by using your mobile number.
  • (2) Next, upload your documents and enter your personal information to have your eligibility verified.
  • (3) After that, send in your application.
  • (4) The loan amount will then be credited once it has been approved.

AA Kredit Loan App Customer Care Number

  • Email id for support:
  • Address: 5/5761, Gali No. 2, Dev Nagar, Karol Bagh New Delhi 110005.

AA Kredit Loan App Advantages

  • The loan is very well explained on the app.
  • You can reach out to us or send us questions via email.
  • One can discover supportive comments.
  • In most cases, loans are authorized for a week.
  • 4.4* until 19-3-2023 ( rating may vary with time).
  • It is possible to find an address.

AA Kredit Loan App Disadvantages

  • The interest rate is too high.
  • A subpar response was given by ID.
  • There isn’t a phone number for customer service.
  • Sometimes loan requests are rejected for no apparent reason.
  • The official website does not exist.
  • About the owner, nothing is known.
  • There is no presence on social media.
  • The vast majority of reviews are unfavorable.
  • Reviews with five stars seem to be scripted and promotional.

AA Kredit Loan App Customer Reviews

Only five-star reviews are currently available on 19-3-2023; the rest are negative. The majority of the feedback has been unfavorable. The same problem of a short-term loan with high-interest rates was mentioned by borrowers who left negative reviews. It seems that the majority of its customers are unhappy with its loan.

AA Kredit Loan App Real or Fake

The promises made by this app are not fulfilled. It is risky because it needs a lot of permissions, including storage, contacts, SMS, location, phone, and camera. If your loan is approved, you will typically be given a 7-day loan with a high-interest rate; if you do not pay back the loan, you will be in serious trouble and even worse will occur.

AA Kredit Loan App Issue

  • Data permission – Data security is at risk for those who download this app and grant permission.
  • Pay Processing Fees – It was found that the app also asks for processing fees before the loan is disbursed. No loan will be approved if no one makes a payment.
  • Data Collecting App – Sometimes an application is turned down without apparent cause, or it is still pending and being examined.
  • Unreasonable High-Interest Charges – Loans are frequently deposited into borrowers’ accounts without any information. Your loan will be approved automatically even if you don’t apply. As stated in the loan application, the loan amount is different. You will be required to pay back almost twice as much of the loan due to its high-interest rate.
  • Customer Support Response – poor clientele service. It’s not satisfactory how they responded.
  • Fake Reviews – Positive reviews are produced by paid advertisements. Some people assert that they weren’t given a loan there. Their applications are being looked at right now. This app seems to be extremely dangerous and suspicious. With a high-interest rate on a loan, this app seems to be either gathering data or extorting money.
  • This loan app should not be used as a result. It is not a trustworthy or secure app. The majority of borrowers do not advocate using the AA Kredit app to obtain a loan.

Note: AA Kredit The instant loan app is risky and dubious. This app has high-risk, data-collection, extortion, and other features. At all costs, stay away from this.

Disclaimer:- We do not promote any loan app, we just provide the information that how to get a loan from this type of app very easily. We suggest you after taking any loan you need to know about the loan company and its guidelines. Because in today’s more fake loan applications are available in the market so you should know which loan app is real or which loan app is fake.

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