May 21, 2024
Airtasker App Review

Airtasker App Review 2023 | $5-$500 Local Tasks?

Airtasker prides itself on linking you with minor tasks in your local vicinity, making it a potentially lucrative platform, especially for urban dwellers with more opportunities available. However, even if you reside in a smaller town, don’t disregard it entirely, as it could still serve as a viable means of earning some additional income.

If you’re familiar with TaskRabbit, you’ll notice that Airtasker operates on a similar concept.

The real question is whether Airtasker can be relied upon as a legitimate source of income. In this review, I put it to the test and provide a comprehensive perspective to help you determine if it suits your requirements.

Rest assured, as always, my reviews are entirely transparent and candid, and I only endorse opportunities that I believe are genuinely worthwhile.

What is Airtasker App?

Airtasker functions as a gig-economy app, presenting you with local tasks that can serve as a supplementary source of income. The platform’s legitimacy is unquestionable, as it genuinely compensates you for the tasks you successfully complete. However, it’s important to note that just because it pays doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most efficient use of your time.

One of Airtasker’s strong points is its wide array of job categories. Whether you have expertise in carpet cleaning, accounting, event planning, or pet grooming, the platform offers diverse tasks that cater to various skill sets. This broad range of options increases the likelihood of finding tasks that align with your capabilities.

Airtasker’s appeal lies in its potential to help you monetize your passions or skills effectively.

To assess its practicality, let’s delve into how the platform operates.

Earning Money with Airtasker App

Regrettably, Airtasker is not a global platform; it is only available in specific countries. During the registration process, you’ll be prompted to choose your region. If your region is not listed, unfortunately, Airtasker will not be a viable earning option for you. However, if your region is listed, you can proceed with the sign-up process, which offers multiple options like registering through Google, Apple, or Facebook, or creating a new login.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll need to fill out your profile with essential details about yourself. Think of this as a resume that providers will review when you apply for jobs. Although this step can be skipped, I highly recommend completing your profile as it can significantly enhance your success on the platform.

After registration and profile setup, you can explore tasks either through Airtasker’s dashboard or the app. The tasks displayed will be in proximity to your location, ensuring you have access to local opportunities, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

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Additionally, it’s advisable to undergo Airtasker’s KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This will facilitate smooth withdrawals of your earnings in the future, ensuring a seamless experience as you use the platform.

Your role on Airtasker involves selecting a task and carefully reviewing its details, such as the offered payment, requirements, and deadline. If the task meets your preferences, you can either accept the provided price or make a counteroffer if you believe the initial offer is too low for the service you can provide. Striking a balance in your bid is essential, as pricing it too high may result in rejection while pricing it too low could undervalue your services. Once your proposal is approved, and you complete the task, you’ll await the client’s verification on Airtasker to receive your payment.

Now, let’s take a closer look at a specific job, such as the “underbody and headlight install” task. If you were to click on this job, it would display the following details: [Further information about the specific job would be shown here.]

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As you can observe, the job listing provides essential information, including the task’s deadline, the offered payment, and specific details about the task itself. In this particular example, the task involves installing underbody lights on a 2014 Chevy Camaro.

It’s important to note that a majority of tasks on Airtasker require physical effort. So, if manual labor is not your forte, this platform might not align with your preferences. However, there are some remote tasks available, although they are often in high demand or require special skills. The platform offers a diverse range of jobs, from cleaning to installations, accommodating various skill sets, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, task availability tends to be more abundant in populated areas compared to rural regions. This means you’ll come across a larger pool of jobs in densely populated areas, while opportunities in rural areas may be relatively limited.

What Could I Earn Airtasker App?

Based on my observations of gig-economy platforms like Airtasker, it is evident that your potential earnings are heavily influenced by your location. Larger cities typically offer a wide array of tasks, whereas smaller towns may have limited opportunities, leading to varying results for users.

Additionally, as shown in the screenshot above, the compensation for each task varies based on its complexity. Some tasks may require more time and effort, potentially fetching several hundred dollars, while simpler tasks might offer significantly lower pay.

During my exploration of the app, I came across tasks ranging from $5 to $400, but it was notable that the higher-paying ones were often labor-intensive.

Ultimately, the amount you can earn on Airtasker depends on your location and the frequency of your work. With reasonable effort, it shouldn’t be too difficult to earn between $50 to $200+ per month, and sometimes even more.

Getting Paid Airtasker App

Airtasker employs an escrow system to secure the cash for completed tasks, ensuring both you and the client are satisfied before processing the payment. Once you finish a task, the client must confirm its completion on the platform, and only then will your compensation be released.

Upon approval, Airtasker directly transfers your earnings to your bank account. Typically, you can expect the funds to be available within 3 to 5 business days. The platform does not impose any minimum payout limits, and they deposit any amount you’ve earned, which is convenient.

However, it’s important to note that there is a service charge, ranging from 10% to 20% of your agreed fee, depending on your ranking as a tasker on the platform. For a detailed breakdown of their fees, Airtasker provides more information on their site.

Overall, Airtasker’s payment method appears to be straightforward and efficient, with the escrow service as a valuable bonus, ensuring satisfaction for both parties after task completion.

The Pros:

  1. Communication: The platform facilitates effective communication between taskers and clients.
  2. Opportunity for Work: Users can find side hustles and tasks to earn extra cash.
  3. User-Friendly for Some: Some users find it well-organized and easy to navigate.
  4. Tools Provided: The app offers essential tools for both taskers and clients.
  5. Potential to Find Work: Small business owners can discover additional work when needed.

The Cons:

  1. Spam and Scams: The app has various instances of spam and scam postings.
  2. Price Limitations: The app prevents users from bidding too low on tasks.
  3. High Fees: Both clients and taskers face substantial charges.
  4. Buggy Experience: Some users report encountering bugs and glitches, like issues accessing the app on data or problems updating offers.
  5. Notification Issues: Some users receive notifications for jobs outside their specified radius or encounter persistent notifications they can’t dismiss.
  6. Negative Fee Feedback: There’s significant feedback against the fee structure, especially when tips are also charged.
  7. Customer Support: Some users find customer support to be unhelpful.


Airtasker is undoubtedly a credible platform, and if you decide to join, rest assured that you will get paid for the tasks you complete. However, like any platform, it has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

One notable aspect is that a majority of tasks on Airtasker are not quick and easy; they often require a significant amount of time and effort. Additionally, some users might find the platform’s service fee to be on the higher side. On the positive side, there is no minimum payout threshold, and certain tasks can offer substantial earnings, reaching hundreds of dollars.

Ultimately, Airtasker operates similarly to TaskRabbit, and if you don’t mind taking on labor-intensive jobs, it might be worth exploring. The app is free to download, and if you find that it doesn’t suit your preferences, you can easily delete it. The best-case scenario is that you make some money while using it.

That concludes our review for now. As always, if you have any experiences or thoughts you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below. Your feedback is valuable!

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