May 21, 2024
Alternatives to Prolific: Similar Platforms

Alternatives to Prolific 2023 | Similar Platforms (My Favorites)

Alternatives to Prolific-Prolific Surveys, a UK-based platform, ranks among the highest-paying survey websites and is particularly favored by those looking to supplement their income. From my perspective, it stands out as one of the most favorable choices.

However, if you encounter a shortage of surveys on Prolific or desire additional alternatives, rest assured that there exist other platforms akin to Prolific for you to explore. While they might not match its quality, there are some reasonable substitutes worth considering.

When evaluating these substitutes, it’s essential to identify the ones that offer value. While Prolific guarantees an approximate hourly rate of $6.50, specific platforms might only provide $1 or $2 per hour, occasionally even less. In this compilation, I aim to feature several options that align closely with Prolific’s standard.

Without further delay, here are the websites I personally favor, which function similarly to Prolific.

Alternatives to Prolific: Similar Platforms


Alternatives to Prolific Swagbucks: A Name to Reckon With

Swagbucks has gained significant recognition as a leading player in survey websites, and this reputation is well-deserved.

Distinguishing itself from Prolific, Swagbucks presents a wide array of avenues to accumulate rewards. These include engaging in online shopping, watching advertisements, conducting web searches, playing games, participating in surveys, and even downloading applications. Its allure lies in the extensive spectrum of earning opportunities it provides. Furthermore, the process of redeeming rewards is straightforward, enabling you to exchange as little as $1 for a variety of gift cards or $5 if you opt for PayPal.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that one potential drawback of Swagbucks is the occasional scenario where you commence a survey but find yourself disqualified midway, resulting in minimal earnings for the effort invested. On the whole, while Swagbucks offers remarkable flexibility, the potential hourly earnings might not match those of Prolific. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore it.

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By selecting the right surveys and offers, achieving earnings of $25 to $100 per month is certainly attainable, without encountering significant obstacles.

Alternatives to Prolific SkyLink Connections

Cloud Connect appears to be a burgeoning platform within the domain of online surveys, sharing notable similarities with Prolific. It wouldn’t be surprising if it emerges as a frontrunner in the near future.

The procedure is straightforward: register, engage in surveys or tasks, and earn remuneration. The user-centric dashboard and payout hub provide an easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring clear visibility into earnings.

An advantageous aspect is that you automatically qualify for all surveys, Alternatives to Prolific with the added benefit of low minimum thresholds starting at just $1. You have the flexibility to opt for either Amazon or PayPal as your preferred payout method, with nearly instantaneous transactions in all instances.

This presents a compelling choice for those seeking an alternative resembling Prolific. However, it’s worth noting that there’s often a waitlist upon enrollment.


Respondent distinguishes itself from its counterparts through its potential for substantial earnings. It facilitates connections between individuals and researchers or focus groups willing to offer premium compensation for specific insights or research. However, it’s important to note that many surveys on this platform necessitate face-to-face interactions with researchers via webcam. If this arrangement is uncomfortable for you, it might be advisable to explore other options.

Fields such as business, software development, and marketing exemplify sectors where Respondent offers elevated hourly rates. Alternatives to Prolific Although not everyone will find a suitable match, those who do could potentially earn significantly more than from any of the surveys previously mentioned.

While Respondent may not deliver a continuous flow of tasks akin to Prolific, the potential earnings it offers can make it an enticing alternative, especially for professionals in the aforementioned fields. Earnings have the potential to surpass $25 to $100+ per task.

Alternatives to Prolific Testable Minds

Testable Minds closely resembles Prolific in that it serves as a platform utilized by esteemed researchers to carry out surveys and psychological experiments. Its primary objective is to glean insights into the cognitive processes of human beings. The tasks presented span a spectrum, from identifying facial emotions to assessing distance perception.

The compensation rates are akin to those on Prolific as well. For instance, a 10-minute study generally yields approximately $1, resulting in an average hourly earning of about $6.

Nonetheless, one of the main challenges associated with Testable Minds is its comparatively higher cash-out threshold. Accumulating a minimum of $20 is necessary before you can withdraw funds. If there’s a scarcity of available studies in your geographical area, it might take a while to meet this threshold.

For those intrigued by psychological research, Testable Minds could be a captivating alternative to Prolific.

User Interviews Alternatives to Prolific

User Interviews serve as a conduit linking enterprises seeking feedback on their products and individuals who are open to offering such insights Alternatives to Prolific. It presents a commendable avenue for consumers to express their viewpoints and play a role in shaping product development, all the while receiving compensation for their participation.

The platform facilitates connections between businesses and potential users, enabling the collection of feedback for various purposes like introducing new products, revamping websites, or testing applications. Noteworthy entities such as Adobe, Pinterest, Wayfair, Spotify, Amazon, and others are affiliated with this platform.

Having facilitated payment for over 72,000 participants in the previous year and consistently introducing 2,000 new studies on a monthly basis, User Interviews has firmly established itself as a reputable and well-utilized platform.

Alternatives to Prolific Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mTurk (Mechanical Turk) functions as a marketplace within Amazon’s realm, designed to assist businesses in locating remote workers for tasks that are better suited for human efficiency than computer automation Alternatives to Prolific. These tasks encompass activities such as data validation, transcription, and translation. The platform houses a wide array of assignments, commonly referred to as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

While the platform’s versatility is apparent, achieving substantial earnings necessitates a proficient grasp of the system, potentially supplemented by tools like the mTurk Suite extension.

Earnings exhibit variability, yet seasoned mTurk users have the potential to secure fairly respectable incomes. If you possess expertise in research, technology, or other specialized fields, Amazon mTurk could easily emerge as your preferred choice among alternatives to Prolific. Feel free to peruse my guide on how to attain a daily income of $50 on the platform for further insights.

Alternatives to Prolific Discount

Discount is a research platform that connects companies with “scouts” (participants) to gather in-the-moment feedback and insights.

Instead of traditional surveys or in-lab studies, Dscout allows participants to share their experiences in real-time through diary studies, video feedback, and more.

It offers a unique and dynamic way to capture real-world experiences, making it a popular choice for businesses aiming to truly understand their users or customers. For participants, it’s an opportunity to share feedback, influence products and services, and earn compensation for their input.

Clickworker Alternatives to Prolific

Clickworker functions as a diverse platform catering to microtasks, ensuring its users have a steady stream of assignments at their disposal. While it shares similarities with MTurk, I perceive it to be a somewhat inferior option due to its less stringent oversight compared to Amazon.

The platform encompasses a wide range of tasks, spanning from generating text to testing apps. However, the potential earnings might be relatively modest for some participants. Nonetheless, the straightforward nature of many tasks means they can be completed without significant mental strain. Additionally, the flexibility to choose from various payment methods is an added benefit.

For individuals seeking a platform that offers consistent tasks, even though the compensation might be moderate, Clickworker stands as a notable contender among alternatives to Prolific Alternatives to Prolific. It essentially involves a different type of work, if that clarifies the distinction.

Survey Junkie Alternatives to Prolific

Survey Junkie shares similarities with Prolific, although it includes disqualifications, a common feature among survey websites.

True to its name, Survey Junkie primarily centers around surveys. Upon registration and completion of a brief demographic survey, you’ll be connected with surveys that match your profile. An added advantage is that certain surveys might even entail more in-depth participation in focus groups, leading to higher earnings.

Typically, the earnings rate falls within the range of $2 to $6 per hour, contingent on successfully completing the appropriate surveys. Survey Junkie maintains a minimum cash-out threshold of $5 and offers a range of payment options, spanning from gift cards and PayPal to direct bank deposits.

Branded Surveys Alternatives to Prolific

An option worth exploring is Branded Surveys, a platform that compensates you for sharing your insights through brief surveys.

A distinct attribute of Branded Surveys is the Branded Elite program, enabling you to augment your monthly earnings by participating in a greater number of surveys Alternatives to Prolific. In essence, the more surveys you engage with, the higher your potential earnings.

Upon accumulating 500 points (equivalent to $5), you have the opportunity to redeem your earnings through gift cards or PayPal.

YouGov Alternatives to Prolific

YouGov stands as a respected survey platform recognized for its extensive array of subjects, encompassing everything from entertainment to sports.

While the point system might initially appear intricate, as different surveys offer varying point amounts, each point is essentially equivalent to a penny. You have the option to choose from payout methods such as PayPal and gift cards.

The convenience of receiving survey notifications through the YouGov app or email guarantees that you remain well-informed about opportunities to earn. Given its global presence and adaptable redemption choices, YouGov serves as a fitting selection for individuals seeking to complement platforms like Prolific.


InboxDollars, much like Swagbucks, presents a versatile platform for generating income. This multifaceted platform compensates you for an array of tasks, spanning surveys, online shopping, game participation, and app downloads. To cash out, you’ll need to reach a slightly higher threshold, ranging from $10 to $15, and can choose between gift cards or PayPal as payout options Alternatives to Prolific. Additionally, new users receive a $5 sign-up bonus, enhancing the initial earning potential.

While its per-hour earnings may not match those of Prolific, the diversity of opportunities offered by InboxDollars contributes to a more engaging experience.

As with Swagbucks, focus on selecting the appropriate surveys to maximize your hourly earnings.

MyPoints Alternatives to Prolific

MyPoints has firmly established itself as a longstanding player within the realm of online rewards and survey platforms.

While its survey compensation might not rival the appeal of Prolific’s rates, MyPoints offers a diverse spectrum of avenues for accruing points, extending from online shopping to friend referrals. Notably, the platform’s cash-back rewards structure for online purchases sets it apart from others, aligning it with platforms like Rakuten. Moreover, the substantial $10 sign-up bonus, which becomes redeemable as gift cards following a $20 purchase, serves as a commendable incentive for new users.

For individuals whose predominant online engagement revolves around shopping, MyPoints presents itself as a valuable alternative to Prolific. If this isn’t your primary focus, the surveys could still offer value provided you select the most suitable ones Alternatives to Prolific.

Ipsos i-Say Alternatives to Prolific

Ipsos iSay emerges as another credible alternative to Prolific. This platform boasts a global-friendly approach, welcoming participants from diverse corners of the world.

Through Ipsos iSay, you can express your viewpoints and, in turn, receive PayPal cash or gift cards as compensation. A notable advantage is that the minimum payout threshold is set at a mere $5.

What’s more, Ipsos iSay is particularly accessible to younger participants, as it permits sign-ups for individuals under 14 in numerous countries. This is in contrast to Prolific, which enforces an age requirement of 18. While Prolific might offer a slightly elevated hourly rate, if you derive satisfaction from sharing your opinions via surveys, Ipsos iSay stands as a commendable contender.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research presents itself as another enticing option for those aiming for more substantial earnings. The platform ensures a guaranteed $3 remuneration for each survey, typically taking around 15 minutes on average to complete. This compensation rate mirrors what you might expect from Prolific. However, there’s a noteworthy stipulation: you must apply for membership, and acceptance isn’t guaranteed. Additionally, the frequency of available surveys might be comparatively lower than Alternatives to Prolific.

Once you gain entry, anticipate survey invitations and actively engage in surveys to accumulate points. These points can subsequently be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

Despite the finite availability of surveys, the consistent and competitive payment structure renders Pinecone Research an appealing selection.


In my assessment, nothing quite matches up to the level of Prolific, at least in the present context. While there are platforms similar to Prolific, in my view, they often fall short, although there might be a few exceptions.

Among the options listed above, I’ve attempted to rank them based on my preferences, but do keep in mind that your experience might vary due to the influence of our respective demographics. For the moment, my suggestion is to explore as many of these platforms as possible to identify the ones that align with your preferences. I assure you that you’re likely to discover a handful that suits you. Lastly, bear in mind that it’s best to approach these opportunities as supplementary income rather than relying on them for a full-time livelihood.

That concludes the current discussion.

Should you have an alternative that I’ve overlooked or if you wish to share your insights on the platforms mentioned above, please feel free to contribute your thoughts below Alternatives to Prolific.

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