April 15, 2024
Best Paisa Kamane Wala Game

26+ Best Paisa Kamane Wala Game In 2023 – ₹1500+ Cash Daily Earn

Best Paisa Kamane Wala Game – Hello Friends Welcome to this new article. Today we are going to discuss with you the top 31 Paise Kamane Wale games in India, along with income reports, which are what I’ve got for you today.

The most amusing aspect of these money games is that you can receive direct payments of the real money you earn to your bank account, Paytm Wallet, and UPI address. So now let’s look at the TOP money-winning games list.

Bonus Part:- In the bonus section, I’ve provided a list of various game kinds that can be played to gain money. Only experienced individuals try them.


Best Paisa Kamane Wala Game

earn money game onlineDownload Offer (Signup Bonus Link)
WinZO Games₹550 Instant Paytm Cash ( Download )
Indian Teen Patti GoldYou will get absolutely free ₹ 200 Bonus
SkillClash IndiaFree  20 per user ( click here )
FieWin GamesInstant Rs 10-100 ( Register )
BigCash Game AppFree Rs.50 (Real Paytm Money)
MyFab11 OnlineRs.100 Instantly ( Enter Refer Code “ HJAJAHADHI17 ”)
Fantasy gamesReal Cash Bonus of Rs.1250
Ludo Supreme GoldGet Rs 10 instantly (on download)
Sign-up Rs.75-150 + up to Rs.500 per refer FreeSign-up Rs.75-150 + up to Rs.500 per referr Free

We all now know how to use the Paisa Wala game to make Real Money. With the aid of significant movies, we will also learn about their Review, Daily Income, and Payment Methods.

How Much Earn By Playing Paisa Kamane Wala Game

It doesn’t have a limit. From playing easy and enjoyable money-winning games, you can easily make up to Daily Pocket Money. On the other hand, you can win from Rs 1500 to Rs 29,000 each day by playing live games like online rummy, card, and fantasy sports.

By participating in these fantasy games, the person in the screenshot has earned Rs. 50,000, while others have won up to Rs. 100,000. Even my flatmate earned actual money of Rs 10,000 in front of me in less than three hours.

However, it necessitates some knowledge and wisdom. But it’s true that you can make money by playing video games.

It is important that you have the following three resources with you. Only then will you be able to earn a substantial sum of money through real money-earning online games?

  • Android smartphone with more than 2 GB of RAM and Android OS version 8.0+.
  • An Internet Pack is required.
  • A Paytm wallet, a UPI address, or a bank account

Install The Paisa Kamane Wala Game To Earn Money up to ₹500 immediately

Below is a list of all the top earn money by playing games apps, which you can download and get free sign-up cash. In addition, we have included information on the invite program for various real money-earning games.

  • WinZO Gaming App – ₹550/Install
  • Teen Patti Gold Game – Get Free Upto ₹150 | ₹20/Refer Earning
  • Big Cash Live – ₹50/Joining, ₹25/Refer
  • fivin online game
  • Daman Games – Instant 50-100 Bonus
  • Skill Clash Game – ₹12-25/Referral
  • Gammy Prize Real Money Game
  • Rummy Time – The Real Rummy Cash Game
  • Wild Rummy Online – Free ₹8850 Bonus + ₹1000/Refer Earning

Along with these, if you are a master in rummy/card games, try Teen Patti Gold; Get 200 Cash Now, Try A23 Game Platform & Teen Patti Gold. They are all trustworthy and offer the chance to win 100% real cash.

32 Best Paisa Kamane Wala Game 2023 – Real Cash

We have covered all forms of online money-earning games in this list, from amusement to quizzes. All you have to do now is choose the finest Money Earning Game for yourself. So that you can earn as much Real Cash as possible while playing the game.

You may make up to 1000 rupees per day by playing a few money games. Please tell us in detail which money-winning game we should download.

TeenPatti Gold – New Paisa Kamane Wala Game

TeenPatti Gold – New Paisa Kamane Wala Game
TeenPatti Gold – New Paisa Kamane Wala Game

Teen Patti Gold is the newest and highest-paying bonus game on this list of money-making games. That is, when you download it, you will receive a total bonus of Rs.200 entirely free of charge. This bonus is real, which means you can use it to win real money by playing any Teen Patti Gold game.

If you’re interested in the Emergency 200, we have included a download offer link in the table below. When you download it and validate your phone, you will immediately receive 51. You will also receive Rs.180. However, you must open Teen Patti Gold every day until the next day in order to do so.

Along with the bonus, you can win real money up to Rs.3500 every day by playing more than 20 real money-winning games on this Paisa Wall game. If you prefer, you will receive an instant Rs 20 for each referral, as well as an additional 30% deposit commission for life.

its review & rating4.6+ Star Ratings | 2.45 Lakh+ Reviews
Real Cash BonusGet ₹50 Instantly + Additional ₹150 (Up To A Week)
download offer linkGet a Free ₹200 Bonus »
Earning from referral earning systemReal earnings more than Rs.2000
latest refer codenone required
money withdrawalDirect Bank Account Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal AmountRs.100/1000 (Instant Withdrawal)
Is KYC requiredCan withdraw money without KYC
Daily Estimated EarningReal earnings of more than Rs.2000

Teen Patti Gold – Key Features

  • This is a completely original money-making game.
  • You only need to mention it once to earn for life.
  • It is an entirely safe and legal game.
  • It was created by an Indian developer.
  • Its prize pool exceeds twenty thousand rupees.

How Many Ways to Earn Money from the Teen Patti Gold Game?

Along with making money by accepting free bonuses, you are primarily provided the possibility to earn money in a total of 8 different ways. This refers to both free and paid media.

  • Refer Earn Programme – You will receive a 30% deposit commission for every 20 referrals.
  • By playing online games – You will receive a total of 24 games to play in order to earn money.
  • Casual and Fantasy Games – This category has a variety of games, including fantasy cricket and casual games.
  • By earning a VIP level bonus – You obtain a VIP level by remaining active and recharging your account on a regular basis, which entitles you to free daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.
  • Task Reward Bonus – This earn-money game tracks your every move and rewards you with Rs.100 in cash.

How to Earn Money From Teen Patti Gold Mobile Game?

  • First, install this earning game app.
  • Choose any of your favorite games to learn the rules.
  • Set your bet amount and place it.
  • Winnings will be credited to your wallet as soon as you win the game.

Get a Free ₹200 Bonus on Teen Patti Gold Game

  • You must download it from the link provided.
  • Enter your mobile number to validate the OTP.
  • You’ll find 20 rupees in your wallet.
  • Open it for the following 7 days to receive an additional 180.
  • Every day, you will receive 1 to 15 rupees.
  • If you sum it up for the entire week, it comes to Rs.180. This means you will receive a total of 200, plus the bonus.

WinZO Games – Real Paisa Kamane Wala Game

WinZO Games – Real Paisa Kamane Wala Game
WinZO Games – Real Paisa Kamane Wala Game

Play fascinating games on India’s biggest gaming platform to earn Paytm Cash and Real Money Winning Games.

Because, when it comes to high-paying games, WinZO is regarded as India’s greatest, most popular, and most reliable gaming platform. Because even a 10-year-old can enjoy the games featured in WinZO.

Today, millions of people earn 500 to 1500 rupees each day by playing WinZO Games. Because there are over 70 distinct types of Online Games here, such as Casual, Sports, Ludo, and Action. Which you can play based on your MOOD.

WinZO provides you with 100% Real Cash. You may order in ONE CLICK on your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account. Its minimum withdrawal amount is more than Rs 30.

There are no technical difficulties, so you can play WinZO in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and other 10+ languages.

Winzo Money Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full details

total download11+ Crore Users
review number2.5 Lakh+
where to installiOS & Android Phones
game masterTictok Skill Games Pvt Ltd
sign up bonus offerUpto 550 Rupees
how much will you earn daily250-1500 Rupees

Winzo Game – Key Features

  • There are around 70 games available here.
  • Here’s how losers can get money from unique games.
  • Customer Service has a help lane.
  • Money can be transferred to a bank, Paytm, or UPI account.
  • It is completely safe and legal.
  • Earning money by playing the WinZO game is SIMPLE.
  • It is accessible on the iOS App Store.
  • There is no upper limit to earning the most money from this.
  • There is an option to make money via Q&N.

How To Play Winzo Paisa Kamane Wala Game

  • Download it from our link and install it on your smartphone.
  • Enter your Paytm mobile number to validate the OTP.
  • You will receive a Rs.50 free bonus on the spot.
  • Play any game to win $100 in real money.
  • Withdraw your winnings by sending them to your Paytm or Bank account.

How to earn Paytm cash by playing Winzo games

  • Playing games in tournaments
  • Playing SPIN & WIN on a daily basis
  • Fantasy Leagues

Skill Clash Game – Daily Earn Money By Playing Paisa Kamane Wala Game

The tagline is “Earn money while playing games.” This means you can earn actual Paytm cash every day. Paise Kamane Wala Game can now be downloaded online for up to Rs.500 every day.

GAMEZOP Pro is a name you’ve probably heard of. Let me tell you that at the moment, millions of people get money by playing online games on Gamezop. Even so, this is India’s most popular home money-earning game. SkillClash is now available to everyone.

This Make Money game contains a collection of popular HTML5 games such as Carrom, Cricket, Chess, Ludo, and Pool. Currently, there are over 250 high-quality money-making games available. This can reward you up to 1000 rupees.

Skill Clash Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full details

Game download60 Million+ Players
review and rating4.5+ Star Ratings (27K+ Reviews)
game masterAdvergame Technologies
RequirementHTML5 Mobile Browser
sign up bonusRs. 50 Paytm Cash
daily average income150-400 Rupees
How to make money from SkillClash game

Skill Clash Game – Key Features

  • It is playable on any mobile device.
  • When you sign up, you will receive a FREE bonus.
  • There is a referral system in place.
  • An easy technique to earn up to 50% of your money from this game
  • There are over 250 games to choose from.
  • Money can be withdrawn from a bank directly.
  • There is also assistance accessible.

How to play online Skill Clash Game

  • Open SkillClash in the Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser on your mobile device.
  • Create an account on it using your mobile device.
  • Play both paid and free games.

How to Make M0ney By Playing Skill Clash Paisa Kamane Wala Game

  • HTML5 game playing
  • Recommending your friends
  • Get a Bonus by Making a New Account

FieWin Gaming – Real Online Paise Kamane Wala Game

Keep it honest, I never played a game as simple as FiWin. Fast-parity, Minesweeper, Crash, Dice, Hilo, and other famous money-making games are available. You may find the names of these games weird, but once you’ve played them, you won’t find any other game easier or better than them.

Most people in FiWin play fast-parity games to earn money on a daily basis. Actually, in this game, you must anticipate the colors, which is a simple task. If your prediction is correct, you might earn up to 9,000 in a single chance.

When I put it simply in the Fiwin game, then the investment is limited, but the profit potential is unlimited. This can also earn you 50,000 per day.

You will be able to refer and earn in this money-making game app, earning 10-50 rupees for each referral and 5-10% commission for a lifetime for playing the games they offer.

FieWin Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full details

game download numberover 11.2 million
ratings and reviews4.7+ Star Ratings | 14.7 Lakh+ Reviews
Sign-up/Register OfferFree ₹10 Instant + ₹65 Task Reward (within next few hours)
download linkGet Free Cash Now
Refer and Earn Program₹10-50 per refer + 5-10% commission per order (Unlimited Referral Earnings)
means of paymentUPI Address, Bank Account
minimum withdrawal amountOnly Rs 31 (No Processing Fee)

Get a Free ₹75 Bonus from FiWin

  • To get started, follow this link to the Fiwin website.
  • To receive an instant Rs.10, click the “Register & Receive Rs.10” button.
  • Now enter your mobile number and press the “Get Verification Code” button. You will be given an OTP, which must be put into the empty box.
  • Choose a new password and type it in the box. Always remember your password when logging in.
  • After that, press the register button. Your account will be established as a result of this.
  • For the balance of the money, go to ” Task Reward ” and complete one of the several jobs to earn up to 132 for free.

Big Cash Live – Earn Money By playing Paise Kamane Wala Game

This is India’s Largest Referral Programme and Earn Money by Playing Games App. Download the Big Cash App to learn how to make money in seven different ways.

Big Cash Live Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full details

game download number5.2 Million+
User’s review85 Thousand+
in which mobile will it be usedAndroid Smartphones
game developer/ownerWitzeal Technologies Pvt Ltd
system requirementAndroid 5.0 and up
on free bonus downloadsInstant 50 Rupees
Daily Earnings (Average)200-1000 Rupees

I tried this game personally and discovered that it is a reliable way to earn money simply by using the app. Actually, I was unaware that thousands of individuals have been earning up to 200-1000 rupees every day by playing games on Big Cash for years. Because there are 15+ entertaining earning games available here.

Big Cash Live Game – Key Features

  • This game is available for download on any Smartphone.
  • Each kind has more than 15 games.
  • Rummy and fantasy sports can also be played here.
  • There is an option to enter cash-winning competitions.
  • The withdrawal limit is Rs.50.
  • Money can be transferred to a bank or Paytm account.
  • The referral option allows you to earn money.
  • Each signup also receives a bonus.

How To Play The Big Cash Live Game

  • Download Big Cash Using This Link
  • Download it to your smartphone.
  • Sign up via Facebook
  • Enter the Paytm-associated mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to confirm.
  • Win money by playing your favorite game.

How to Make Money From Big Cash Live Game

  • Taking Part in Fantasy Sports Games
  • By playing ONE versus. ONE game such as Bulb Smash, 8-Ball Pool, and so on.
  • Earn money by playing popular games.
  • By taking part in the Cash Contest
  • Earn money by recommending friends.

How to withdraw Paytm cash from Big Cash Live Game

  • Earn money by referring others, entering contests, and playing online games.
  • Click on the Redeem section of the menu.
  • Enter your Paytm Number or UPI Address to withdraw funds.

Wongo Online – Real Paise Kamane Wala Game

When you would like to download a money-making game in which you will receive 60 immediately upon signing up and 42 completely free over the next 7 days, you should do so today. Because WonGo is a new game, you can earn real money by playing it without investing any money.

WonGo, like FieWin, is an online Colour Prediction game that you can play on your Jio Phone, Computer, or Mobile to make real money. Aside from playing the game, you can earn Real Money from WonGo Game in the following ways:

  • a spinning wheel
  • Referral program
  • By receiving daily free cash prizes
  • With three forms of color prediction games (Standard, Cepat, and Cepat Plus)

When it comes to the WonGo referral program, you can earn up to Rs.125 for each referral, which is 100% real cash. When you refer someone to WonGo, you will receive Rs.5 immediately and they will receive Rs.120 for playing WonGo Game, for a total of Rs.125. You can obtain this sum via Direct Bank Transfer.

Wongo Paisa Kamane Wala Game download Full details

number of playersmore than 5 lakh users
game ratings and reviews4.6+ Stars (136K+ Reviews)
sign up bonus offerGet ₹60 Instant + an Extra ₹42 (For the Next 7 Days)
download linkGet ₹60 Instant + an Extra ₹42 (For Next 7 Days)
earn from refer and earn₹125/Referral (100% Real Money)
wongo referral codeegEc6
minimum withdrawal100 rupees only
means of taking withdrawalsdirect bank transfer
Will KYC have to be doneCan withdraw money without KYC
Wongo Telegram ChannelWonGoOfficial (For Daily Offers)

Wongo Game – Key Features

  • You can earn money by playing the game on your Jio Phone.
  • Money is also available on Spin & Win, and no KYC is required to withdraw from it.
  • You can get its Game App from the WonGo website.
  • Get up to $800 cashback when you deposit in Wongo Wallet. Instant reward is obtained when you withdraw money.

AIO Cash Free – Paisa Jitne Wala Game

AIO. Games are likewise comparable to the WinZO gaming app. You have also been given the finest games to earn various forms of money, which you can play to make a reasonable amount of money every day. However, the prize amount, spin & win reward, and spin & win reward are greater with this signup bonus.

If you install this money game, you will receive 100 rupees, and when you refer it, you will receive 25 to 75 real cash added to your wallet. This balance can be sent to the bank in a single step. Aside from that, it awards up to Rs 250 for each spin on Daily Spin & Win.

Let me also add that you can win thousands of dollars in cash rewards and other loot items like cars and mobiles by participating in fantasy games like Dream 11 and MPL. Cash games for Carrom and Teen Patti are additional ways to get money.

AIO Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full Details

number of usersmore than 5 lakh players
Game review and developer4.1+ Star Ratings (Excalibur Media)
fantasy prize moneyMaximum Rs 20 Lakhs (On #1 Rank)
joining bonusGet free ₹100 cash
install offer linkTry it from here »
refer incomeRs 25-75 (per invitee)
payment methodUPI और Bank Account

AIO Cash Free Game – Key Features

  • This is our app for playing India nation games.
  • Because this is a new money-making game, the competition will be low.
  • For AIO games, the minimum withdrawal amount is merely Rs.100.
  • This earning game is reliable and authentic.
  • There are numerous kinds of money games.
  • You can also play Rummy, Poker, and Quiz in this game.
  • It has supported the Delhi Bulls.

Gammy Prize – Paise Kamane Wala Game

You’ve probably seen the game at the mall where a wheeler has to be revolved and the number with which the wheel stops on the needle earns us a present. If you’re looking for a comparable game to make money on Google, you may earn money by playing the same game on your mobile device using the Gammy Prize app.

Not only this game but there are over 100 other games in Gammy Prize that we may play for joy and money. This money-making game pays you money in the form of dollars, which you can withdraw using your PayPal account.

Every week, we receive simple challenges in this, and if we fulfill them, we receive a free ticket to the giveaway. If we can win up to $1000 in this giveaway, that is no minor feat. To earn money while having fun, you should download and play this online money-making game.

Gemmy Prize Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full Details

total download countmore than 10 million
Game ratings and reviews4.2+ Ratings | 465K Reviews
sign up bonus600 Game Tickets + Cash Rs.8 (Delivered Instantly)
joining offer linkClick here »
Refer & Earn Program$0.8 USD + 500 Tickets + 10% Lifetime Commission
invite code1I7Y6K67
cash withdrawal systemPayPal Payment (in dollars)
Minimum Withdrawal Amount10 Dollars

Gemmy Prize Game – Key Features

  • Earn money by playing simple and enjoyable games.
  • Participating in tournaments can help you enhance your profits.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • If OK just has a Jio phone, you can access its website and earn money by playing games.

Ace2Three (A23 Online) – Rummy Paise Kamane Wala Game

First of all, when you download A23, also known as Ace2Three, and join up for it, you will receive Rs.75 in real cash and a Welcome Bonus of up to Rs.599 for free. Even when referring to A23, you can earn up to 1500 for each invite.

A23 Games is also known as A23 Rummy and is a Real Money Earning game platform. You may make money on Ace23 by playing the most popular money-making games such as Online Rummy, Fantasy Games, Carrom, and Pool. It is quite ancient and dependable.

Let me also inform you that the A23 game is the best platform for making money online by playing Rummy. You can withdraw all of the money you win in this game instantly via UPI or bank transfer.

A23 Paisa Kamane Wala Game Full details

download number40 million+ players
game rating4.5+ star ratings
Prize Pool AmountUp to Rs 4 crore (cash prize)
sign-up cash offerInstant ₹250 Cash Bonus (Absolutely Free)
download linkAvail of A23 Games offers
referral programUpto ₹100 (Sign-Up) + ₹1400 Extra (Game Playing Commission)
minimum withdrawal amount100 rupees only

S23 Game – Key Features

  • Shahrukh Khan personally is promoting it.
  • This is a well-known, safe, and legal online gambling program.
  • You can play four or more money-winning games in this.
  • With its loyalty program, you can make a lot of money.
  • You can also win mobile by playing games here.
  • Earn a reward of one lakh rupees for appearing on the weekly leaderboard.
  • This A23 is India’s first online money-making gaming platform where you may play 5 different types of cards and Rummy.

Gamezy India – Mobile Se Paisa Kamane Wala Game

Downloads1 Crore+ Users
Game PublisherGamesKraft Tech. Pvt Ltd.
Free BonusInstant ₹50 Sign-Up Cash
Daily Income150-500K Indian Rupees

Gamezy is currently one of the fastest-growing real money-winning games. Because there will be more than 15 easy house sitting Paise Kamane Wala Game in this. You can win 500 to 1500 rupees per day by playing.

Even so, Gamezy offers a bonus of up to Rs 75 for each referral and lifetime commissions ranging from 25-50%. Which is transferred to your bank account automatically. Gameji is a Paytm cash-making game with Indian opener batsman Lokesh Rahul as its brand ambassador.

As a result, lakhs of individuals are now making a lot of money every day by downloading Gamezy.

Gamezy India – Key Features

  • When you install Gamezy, you will receive 50 rupees for free.
  • It includes 15+ simple money-making games.
  • By playing Live Fantasy on Gamezy, you can win up to 5 crores.
  • This allows you to purchase a Season Pass for the IPL and World Cup.
  • This game allows you to earn money by referring friends.
  • KL Rahul is in favor of this money game.
  • You can request Winning Balance immediately from your bank/Paytm account.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is merely Rs 25.

How to earn from Gamezy India Paisa Kamane Wala Game

  • First, install the Gamezy APK file.
  • Install and launch it
  • Enter my Invite Code: ” HINDIBUDDY ” to receive 50 points right away.
  • Enter your cellphone number to verify it with OTP.
  • Fill out your profile with your name, email address, and birth date.
  • Done! You can now earn money from our Paisa Wala game on a daily basis.

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