May 21, 2024
Bulbshare App Review

Bulbshare App Review 2023 | A Waste of Time?

Bulbshare App Review -an app that offers the potential to earn rewards by connecting with brands and causes close to your heart. However, it’s important to note that while the app presents various opportunities, there is no guaranteed way to earn from them. Instead, you often have to wait for an invitation, which may result in potential earnings.

Personally, I remain skeptical about its ability to be a significant source of income. Nevertheless, it’s worth exploring, as there are some paid opportunities available.

In this review, I decided to thoroughly test the app to provide you with a more transparent picture. If you’re considering trying it out, I recommend reading my review first to set realistic expectations.

We’ll delve into whether the app is trustworthy and whether it lives up to its promises. I promise to be completely honest, only endorsing what I genuinely believe is worth your time.

Let’s get started with the review.

Earning with Bulbshare App

Based on my personal experience, Bulbshare combines features from both social media and survey platforms. It offers rewards for sharing your opinions on various topics, but it’s important to note that it operates differently from traditional survey sites.

The earning opportunities on Bulbshare are referred to as “Briefs,” which are essentially surveys with a unique twist. Instead of solely answering questions, you might be asked to capture a photo or share a video in response to the prompts.

Once you access the app, these Briefs will be displayed, allowing you to choose the ones that pique your interest.

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A brief on Bulbshare typically begins with a quick video or photo, followed by a series of questions. To respond, you can swipe left or right or select from a list of options. Additionally, you may often need to provide your own image or video to complete the task. The instructions for each brief will be clearly presented to you.

However, there’s a catch: not all briefs are paid opportunities. Many are unpaid, but engaging with them enhances your chances of receiving invitations to paid tasks. As you become more active on Bulbshare, you’ll start getting special invites. So, your earlier efforts aren’t wasted, but you’ll be gambling on the possibility of future paid invites.

Certain briefs are restricted and marked with a padlock icon. These are exclusive to specific Bulbshare communities or “channels,” accessible only through invitations from Bulbshare or with a channel code. Apart from these closed communities, there are open channels, but they rarely offer paid tasks. Hence, your best chance of earning lies in these exclusive channels, again, requiring an invitation.

While it’s possible to earn with Bulbshare, it’s not guaranteed, especially for newcomers. It demands time and patience. However, if you don’t mind sharing insights that could shape products and services, Bulbshare may be worth considering, even if you won’t be compensated for every task.

How Much Can You Earn Bulbshare App?

As I mentioned earlier, not all briefs on Bulbshare offer payment. However, when you do receive a paid brief, the compensation is quite generous, ranging from approximately $3 to $10 or even more. This is notably higher than what you typically earn from regular survey rewards. Nonetheless, receiving these paid briefs might not be consistent, especially for newcomers.

Despite the decent payment for tasks, it’s important to acknowledge that Bulbshare cannot be relied upon as a stable source of regular income.

Getting Paid Bulbshare App

Upon successfully completing a paid brief on Bulbshare, you earn a fixed amount, and the best part is that there’s no minimum threshold for cashing out.

Once you finish a paid brief, your earnings are promptly sent directly to your PayPal account. Typically, you can expect to see the funds within a day or two, and in some cases, it arrives even quicker. Just make sure to keep track of the paid tasks you’ve accomplished to ensure accurate compensation.

In my opinion, Bulbshare’s payment system is straightforward, and the convenience of using PayPal as the payout method adds to the overall user experience.

Joining Bulbshare App

Bulbshare welcomes users from all around the world; however, the minimum age requirement to join is 18 years old.

Joining the platform is a straightforward process. You can download the app and sign up using a third-party platform like Facebook or Google, or create a unique login based on your preference. Once you’re in, you can immediately start participating in briefs. However, keep in mind that it may take some time before you start earning, as there are no immediate guarantees.

The Pros:

  1. Surveys are enjoyable, concise, and effortless.
  2. Offers incentives and occasional instant payments.
  3. Provides opportunities to earn by sharing opinions, pictures, and short videos.
  4. Enables interaction with renowned brands and engaging communities.
  5. Covers a diverse range of interesting topics.
  6. Presents chances to win rewards or payments.
  7. The app interface is clean and user-friendly.
  8. Regular communication and informative notifications.

The Cons:

  1. Notifications may not be suitable for users in different time zones due to odd hours.
  2. Some users have experienced issues with payment, including delays in receiving them.
  3. Technical problems with the app, leading to functional disruptions.
  4. Complaints about unresponsive customer support to user concerns.
  5. Users may not be aware that signing up with the same email as PayPal is necessary to receive rewards.
  6. Some users feel there are more unpaid opportunities compared to paid ones.
  7. Occasional lack of clarity in task guidelines or expectations.
  8. Some users find the opportunities to participate in briefs to be infrequent.


While Bulbshare has its advantages, if your primary objective is to consistently earn extra money, it may not be the top choice. Relying on invites for paid tasks might not be the most effective way to earn, and in my opinion, it may not be worth investing your time.

For those seeking instant cash, exploring other platforms like Swagbucks could be a better option. However, if you’re passionate about sharing your opinions on brands and causes, Bulbshare could be a good fit. Just keep in mind that earning money on the platform won’t happen immediately.

That wraps up the review for now.

As always, feel free to share your experiences and comments in the section below.

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