July 12, 2024
Coral Loan App Review 2023

Coral Loan App Review 2023 | Is Coral Loan App Real or Fake?

Coral Loan App Review – Coral Loan app online Credit claims to provide Indians with quick and secure loan services. This loan application describes itself as a multipurpose online credit platform for urgent needs. The Coral loan application went live on March 17, 2023. This app is provided by Subh Surya EasyLoan Private Limited. (NBFC).

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Coral Loan App

App NameCoral Loan App Review
Loan AmountRs 1 Lakh.
Loan Term91 days – 365 days.
Loan interest rateUp to 25%.
FeesNot disclosed.

Coral Loan App Eligibility

  • (1) You must be an Indian citizen.
  • (2) Must be at least 20 years old.
  • (3) Require a consistent source of income.

How To Get a Loan From Coral Loan App

  • (1) Download this app from the Google Play Store and log in with your phone number.
  • (2) Fill out your personal information.
  • (3) Keep an eye out for the Order to be reviewed.
  • (4) Funds will be credited once approval is received.

Coral Loan App Customer Care Number

  • Email id for support: boyyeng.com@gmail.com.
  • Address: F-5 F/F Manish Metro Plaza-Vi, Plot No.5 MLU Pkt-6, Sec 12 Dwarka Delhi 110078.

Coral Loan App Advantages

  • It accurately describes the loan on the app.
  • 4.9 * until 25.3.2023 (rating may vary with time).
  • Email addresses are provided for contact and inquiries.
  • The address has been discovered.
  • Positive feedback is available.
  • Loan approval has been discovered.

Coral Loan App Disadvantages

  • There is no phone number for customer service.
  • There is no official website.
  • There is no information about the owner.
  • The email address does not appear to be professional.
  • There is no online presence.
  • Unfavorable feedback is received.
  • A case of loan rejection with immediate effect has been discovered.
  • 5-star reviews are pre-written and promotional in nature.
  • A high-interest short-term loan.
  • The loan application procedure takes time.

Coral Loan App Customer Reviews

As of 25-3-2023, only 5-star reviews are positive, with the rest being negative. Positive feedback appears to be pre-programmed. As of 25-3-2023, positive reviews outnumber negative reviews, but the majority of them are hidden.

The majority of customers who left negative reviews reported the same loan issues, such as application rejection and high-interest loans. The app does not appear to deliver on its previous promises.

Coral Loan App Real or Fake

This app does not function as expected. It may be dangerous because it requires numerous permissions, including calendar, storage, contacts, location, phone, and camera, among others.

When a loan application is submitted, it is either approved, rejected, or marked as pending. You will most likely receive a loan for 7 days if the loan is disbursed. In that case, borrowers will be required to repay with high-interest charges. Borrowers will be required to repay a large loan within seven days or face serious consequences.

Customers receive insufficient responses to any inquiry. Instead of meeting immediate needs, this app adds to the financial burden. Either data collection or a high level of interest.

The coral loan app the instant loan app is risky and suspicious. High-risk, data collection, extortion, and other features are included in this app. This should be avoided at all costs.

We do not recommend using this app to get a loan. If you still want to borrow money from us, you do so at your own risk. We don't force anyone to take out a loan.
If you are having trouble with the Coral Loan App or have a question, please use the comment section provided below. So that other people are aware of the issues that may arise in this app.
If you need a loan, we will recommend the four Best Loan Apps that are RBI-regulated, NBFC-registered, and completely trusted by us.
Disclaimer:- Loanmantor.in We do not promote any loan app, we just provide the information that how to get a loan from this type of app very easily. We suggest you after taking any loan you need to know about the loan company and its guidelines. Because in today’s more fake loan applications are available in the market so you should know which loan app is real or which loan app is fake.
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  1. Corelone app not offered by Shubh Surya easy long private limited they are miss using of our name we are also complaint to cyber cell RBI and Google please don’t install

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