July 12, 2024
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Some alluring pieces come in small sizes, but they are the attention stealers. Cushions are one of them. Cushions may stay as a secondary product to your apartment, but have you ever imagined yourself comforted without a cushion? No, it’s impossible.

Cushions resemble love, comfort, and compassion when stating their characteristics. That’s why they are also a part of many gift items with custom images. On the other hand, have you ever seen yourself setting images on curtains or any other accessories? It sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Splendid in silk, velvelettes, saturns, and more sophisticated and decorated fabrics are the perfect blend as a decor piece. There are a variety of cushions onlineYou can login to the Freedom Tree website for state-of the art options for cushions for bed and cushions for sofa.

Freedom Tree houses a beautiful collection of cushions and pillow covers such as elevated neutrals, zesty green and yellows, vivacious pinks and red, solid and textured, and beautiful blues to name a few. These chic cushions, with signature styles and prints, are the perfect way to elevate your elegance.

Having said that, don’t confuse yourself between pillows and cushions. Cushions are a squarish ensemble, while pillows are mainly for bedrooms.


The cushions for sofas should be apt and not too space consuming. Make sure your cushion is tufted just right or else it would eat up most of your sitting space, making you uncomfortable. The designer cushions on plain sofa surfaces look exemplary. You can start by determining how much space and how many people are going to be using the room. Then, think about your own personal stylestyle sofa cushions, Once you have an idea of what kind of design fits your home best, it’s time to consider color and material. Set yourself apart with Konoi Cushions from Freedom Tree, housing the strength of sophistication enveloped in plush velvet fabric with a scattered pattern, just the right fit to grace your sofa or accent chairs and galore the living room space.

Pillows for Beds

Cuddle yourself while sleeping with pillows for a great dreamy sleep. But when it comes to just relaxing, you can team this up with soft, cozy cushions. Get your room an oomph factor by having a set of 2 pillows and some soft and subtle cushions. Make sure the cushions are not too bulky, but certainly have a very dramatic cushion cover. Fetch this exclusive collection of cushions from Freedom Tree that possess these qualities with the Koza Cushion cover, that is a delight to celebrate your lifestyle, bringing in vibrancy and energy both.

Pep up your cozy corners with floor cushions and curate your corners by blending them with serene warm coloured cushions; accentuate your living room with small lovey-dovey cushions; and pep up your bedroom space with pillow covers this season.

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