May 21, 2024
Direct Selling Diploma Fees in 2023

Direct Selling Diploma Fees in 2023 | Shoolini University PG Direct Selling Diploma Courses

Direct Selling Diploma Fees – If you have learned about the Direct Selling Diploma Fee Course, you will understand very well why it is vital for us to practice direct selling. And why should we all engage in direct sales? As we all know, the direct selling industry is growing by the day, and by 2025, we will see the direct selling business as a large business.

Many individuals are looking for Direct Selling Diploma Course to make their future in Direct Selling or Network Marketing, according to Power of Direct Sale and Future of Direct Selling.

Everyone nowadays is looking for Direct Selling Diploma Fee Course, Direct Selling Diploma Course Fees.

This post will go over the Direct Selling Diploma fee course in depth.

Direct Selling Diploma Fees Schools Approved

The government will soon introduce network marketing courses to universities, according to news reports that appeared in newspapers and on news channels a while back. Vijaypal Bahadur, the director of the Secondary Education Board, stated in the news of Lucknow that extra courses relating to network marketing will be introduced to the curricula of the schools.

The course is still in the planning phase but will soon be implemented throughout India. Students won’t have to look far for work thanks to this business.

Direct Selling Diploma Course College

Direct Selling Diploma Course College
Direct Selling Diploma Course College

The first Post Graduate Diploma program in Direct Selling Business has just been developed in India, giving students the chance to pursue their own business ventures. This course, which Shoolini University and IDSA jointly developed, will include crucial knowledge about industry standards, laws controlling the sector, the distinction between Ponzi and legitimate businesses, etc.

Shoolini University will establish a Centre of Excellence for Direct Selling (CEDSA) in 2021–2022, and IDSA will additionally assist in this endeavor.

Through study and instruction, this graduate degree will help the public and industry professionals think clearly about the direct selling industry.

After almost 25 years, the network marketing industry in India is finally receiving the right recognition it deserves.

For instance, the MoCA is currently releasing direct selling standards, and 15 states now permit MLM. Additionally, practically all direct-selling businesses in India operate abroad, and more than 20 million distributors are currently affiliated with various direct-selling businesses.

The Centre for Excellence in Academics (CEDSA), which would be the first Centre of Excellence in India, has been officially unveiled by the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) in New Delhi. It will begin with a one-year PG Diploma in India’s session 2021–2022.

Direct Selling Diploma Course PG College In India

Direct Selling Diploma Course PG College In India
Direct Selling Diploma Course PG College In India

IDSA and Shoolini University have collaborated to launch India’s first PG Diploma in Direct Selling. Students will have the ability to start their own businesses while studying. In this course, students will learn everything there is to know about the necessary guidelines, rules, and regulations that the direct selling firm must follow.

According to reports, Shoolini University plans to establish CEDSA for direct selling. The Indian Direct Selling Association has also recognized this.

The PG Diploma Course in Direct Selling will provide students with instruction as well as the style of beginning an Individual Business, which might result in a significant shift in the students’ attitudes and knowledge.

The Indian Direct Selling Association and Shoolini University have announced the establishment of a Centre of Academic Excellence in New Delhi. Another crucial point to note is that the Centre of Excellence in Delhi would be the country’s first.

In India, the Centre of Excellence is expected to open in 2022. Which one-year Direct Selling PG program will be held?

Post Graduate Diploma – Features

The PGDDS will be a one-year at all times regular Diploma course that will include six months of internship and six months of academic work. It will be a six-month internship with a reputable direct-selling company. Face-to-face lectures, skill workshops, and group activities will be combined with the most recent technology-based learning tools and platforms.

The job placement will last six months following the training and will provide the student with a platform to begin a career with a Direct Selling company of their choice.

Direct Selling PG Diploma Course Fees in India

If we look at the prices for the PG Diploma Direct Selling course, it used to be Rs 1.51 Lakhs for a one-year study, but according to official reports, the current cost is Rs 99,000. The course of study is at the PG Diploma level and will be full-time.

PG Diploma in Direct Selling Course– Specifications

  • Total Frees: Rs. 1.51 lakh
  • Duration time: 1 year (With full-time)
  • Course level: PG Diploma

Direct Selling Diploma Fees FAQs

Can I do a network marketing course after 12th science?

Yes, you can apply to get this Diploma certificate after you complete your 12th grade. Keep in mind as well that you must be at least 18 years old to join any direct-selling company.

How to join fast track network marketing course?

Creating a List and Sending Invitations
have a meeting
showing planning and follow up

Who started Direct Selling?

Direct marketing has a history as old as civilization itself. The business began in 2000 BCE as part of the Hammurabi Code, which was intended to preserve the welfare and integrity of the Babylonian direct seller. Later, the industry extended to Greece, and then to America’s coasts.

Similarly, this industry thrived in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Avon was the first direct-selling company in the world, and it was the first version of DSA to enter the sector.

What is the syllabus of the Direct Marketing Diploma course?

Shoolini has established a Diploma degree in Direct Selling for the first time in India, but no further information regarding the syllabus is available. The course syllabus is being worked on, but many topics will be added to the syllabus in this course, such as recognizing unlawful companies, becoming a strong team leader, how to invite and how to meet, and so on.

This degree will be completed in two terms, each lasting 6-6 months, with 6 months dedicated to internship.

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