May 21, 2024
"Hostinger In-Depth Analysis (August 2023) – A Comprehensive Look After 4 Years and 7 Websites"

Hostinger In-Depth Analysis (August 2023) – A Comprehensive Look After 4 Years and 7 Websites

Hostinger In-Depth Analysis -“In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the significance of web hosting cannot be emphasized enough. A dependable and secure web hosting service forms the backbone of a thriving website. Among the array of hosting options, Hostinger stands out as a prominent choice.

My journey with Hostinger commenced in 2019, serving as the bedrock for my websites. Today, I present the Hostinger India Review, marking the fourth consecutive year of assessment. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses the meticulous examination of three of my websites across various Hostinger plans and servers.

Over the past months, I’ve meticulously conducted an array of tests, including speed, load, and uptime assessments, to unravel their performance benchmarks.

Within this Hostinger Review, I will guide you through the remarkable facets of Hostinger Hosting. We’ll delve into its security apparatus, user interface, pricing structures, notable strengths, and weaknesses, and even explore viable alternatives.

Moreover, an exclusive discount coupon code awaits, along with a tailored training program for potential Hostinger hosting adopters. Stay tuned till the conclusion for these offerings! Without further ado, let’s plunge into the details.”

Assessment of Hostinger India in 2023

Ease of use
Customer Support

“Having experienced Hostinger for more than 4 years, I confidently assert that it stands among the top budget-friendly hosting services at present. If you’re embarking on a blogging journey, Hostinger presents a commendable choice for beginners. Its dependability and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling selection for the year 2023.

Hostinger In-Depth Analysis “Exploring Hostinger”

In 2004, in Kaunas, Lithuania, a web-hosting enterprise named Hosting Media came into being. It underwent a transformation in 2011, becoming Hostinger, following its achievement of a user base of one million.

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Subsequently, it has experienced steady expansion. The recent years post-2019 have proven exceptionally fruitful. Presently, their user count surpasses 29 million worldwide, with Hostinger facilitating the installation of 15,000 new websites daily.

Hostinger India serves as the Indian iteration of Hostinger, accessible via Hostinger. in. Here’s a summary of the features encompassed within its hosting package

Hostinger In-Depth Analysis Overview of hostinger’s Feature Set

Speed Shared Hosting (Singapore) – 804.8 ms
Shared Hosting (US) – 691.09 ms
Shared Hosting (India) – 875.95 ms 
Uptime (Jan 2022 – Jan 2023)Shared Hosting (Singapore): 99.95%
Shared Hosting (US): 99.93%
Shared Hosting (India): 99.85%
FeaturesCPanel, Free SSL, 1-click WordPress Installer, free domain for 1 year, Website Staging, Zyro Website Builder, Email Hosting
Data CentersUK, USA, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Lithuania.
ServersLitespeed Servers
Backup and RestorationFree weekly backups on all plans
Daily backups on higher plans
Selective restore feature available
Website MigrationUnlimited free migrations on all plans
SecurityFree Let’s Encrypt SSL, 2FA, PatchStack Security, Cloudflare DNS Firewall, Bitninja Security, Malware Scanner
SupportEmail Form, Live Chat, Knowledgebase, Video Tutorials
Payment OptionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, PayTM, Google Pay, UPI Payments in India
Refund Policy30-days money-back guarantee
PricingStarting from ₹69/mo ($1.99/mo)

Video Review of Hostinger In-Depth Analysis

If you are a video person, you can watch this video review of Hostinger here.

Hostinger’s In-Depth Analysis User Interface

The appearance of Hostinger’s interface is sleek, uncomplicated, and particularly welcoming to those new to hosting. In contrast to the conventional cPanel used by many hosting services, Hostinger distinguishes itself from hPanel.

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hPanel stands as Hostinger’s unique user interface, boasting a contemporary design and conveniently reachable features.

From the essential DNS Zone Editor to Domains, Email accounts, File Manager, Backups, Website Migrations, App Installer, and the WordPress Dashboard, Hostinger encompasses a comprehensive array of features. Moreover, it incorporates a user-friendly search bar, enabling you to effortlessly access any desired feature.

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Over the past few years, Hostinger has implemented numerous enhancements in its hPanel. Consequently, transitioning from cPanel to hPanel should pose no challenge.

Should you require PHP file editing on your hosting, cPanel may be the preferable option. Although hPanel does offer PHP file editing capabilities, personally, I find cPanel more intuitive for PHP-related tasks.

Hence, if you’re in search of a hosting solution based on cPanel, suitable alternatives include FastComet, ChemiCloud, and A2 Hosting.

Parameters for Testing Hostinger In-Depth Analysis

In this evaluation, I’ve employed Hostinger’s Shared Business Web Hosting package across three distinct servers. The subsequent demo websites were utilized for the testing phase:

  • Website on US Servers
  • Website on Indian Servers
  • Website on Singapore Servers
  • Across all these websites, I’ve implemented the subsequent configurations:
  • OceanWP Theme
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Gym template (Built with Elementor)

  • LiteSpeed Cache plugin (Default settings)
  • Now, let’s promptly delve into the various testing scenarios.

Hostinger’s In-Depth Analysis Server Response Duration

Server Response Time (SRT) signifies the period between a user initiating a request and the server’s subsequent response. I evaluated the SRT for all of my Hostinger websites, assessing them across servers in the US, Singapore, and India.

Here are the findings:

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Indian Servers I observed that the response time of the Indian servers exhibited greater speed in Asian locales such as Singapore, Mumbai, and Japan. Notably, the SRT was at its minimum in Mumbai (2 ms) and Singapore (55 ms). The response time gradually elevated as we extended our assessment to more distant regions, encompassing destinations like Germany, Sydney, London, and the US.

Servers Us Hostinger In-Depth Analysis

For the US Servers, the response time exhibited higher values for Asian countries but demonstrated rapid rates for locations such as the US (22 ms), Canada (36 ms), London (91 ms), and others.

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Servers Singapore

Upon evaluating the Server Response Time for servers based in Singapore, I noted the subsequent outcomes.

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The response time displayed remarkable speed in Singapore (2 ms) and Mumbai (59 ms), while it progressively lengthened for regions beyond Asia.

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In summation, Hostinger’s server speeds for Indian, US, and Singapore Servers were commendable, causing me no issues whatsoever!

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Speeds Hostinger In-Depth Analysis

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Page Loading Speed signifies the duration needed for a webpage to fully load on your display. According to research conducted by Portent in 2019, website conversion rates decline by an average of 4.42% with every extra second of loading time within the initial 5 seconds.

Next, let’s examine how our websites fared in the speed assessments.

Servers Indian Hostinger In-Depth Analysis

I evaluated the speeds of my website hosted on the Indian servers, gauging from the Bangalore location, and obtained the subsequent outcomes.

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Hostinger In-Depth Analysis Pros

  1. User-Friendly Interface
    Hostinger’s hPanel is contemporary and user-centric, offering effortless website management tailored for beginners.
  2. Impressive Speed
    Utilizing LiteSpeed servers, Hostinger ensures rapid website loading speed around the clock.
  3. Budget-Friendly Pricing
    Hostinger presents cost-effective hosting plans, particularly advantageous when acquired for extended periods. For example, their Single Shared Hosting plan, purchased for 48 months, costs only ₹69/month!
  4. Exceptional US Server Performance
    Hostinger’s US-based servers exhibit remarkable performance, featuring rapid response times, superior speeds, impressive uptime, and efficient load management.
  5. Unlimited Free Migrations
    Hostinger facilitates seamless migration of unlimited websites. By sharing your hosting details and credentials, their support team expertly handles the website transfer to Hostinger.
  6. Staging Capability
    The staging functionality allows safe testing of new themes, plugins, and updates by creating a duplicate of your live website. Once content with the changes, you can implement them on the live site, minimizing downtime.
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  1. Robust Security
    Hostinger provides two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced login security. Additionally, free SSL certificates are included with all hosting plans, bolstering website security. Their newly introduced Malware Scanner eradicates any detected bugs or malware in your site files.
  2. UPI Payments
    Hostinger India accommodates various payment methods, including the integration of UPI Payments. This feature is particularly beneficial for Indian users, streamlining transactions without the need for card or bank details.
  3. Comprehensive Backup Solutions
    Hostinger offers reliable backup and restoration alternatives. Weekly backups are supported across all plans, while Business hosting features daily backups. Manual backups and selective file restoration options add convenience.
  4. Complimentary Domain Name
    Hostinger plans include a free domain name for the initial year, excluding the Single Web Hosting plan.
  5. Hostinger Training Program
    With the purchase of a hosting plan via my link, access is granted to an extensive Hostinger Training Program. This program is tailored to assist beginners in mastering the Hostinger hPanel and its functionalities.
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Hostinger In-Depth Analysis Cons

  1. Moderate Indian Server Performance
    The performance of the Indian servers, encompassing speeds, uptime, and load management, was moderate. It’s my hope that improvements will be pursued in the future.
  2. Deliberate Support Response Times
    Their live chat support is resourceful and informed, but enhancing the speed of their responses could be beneficial.
  3. Bloatware Presence
    Hostinger’s collaborations with various services result in the inclusion of bloatware (pre-installed plugins) as a means to promote their partner companies’ offerings. Fortunately, these plugins can be effortlessly deactivated with a single click!
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Who is Hostinger In-Depth Analysis Suitable For?

This marks my fourth consecutive year of evaluating Hostinger, and I still maintain that it stands as an outstanding hosting provider for budget-conscious beginners. Over this period, they have made significant advancements in their interface, backup options, speeds, and user-friendliness. While there’s room for improvement in their customer support response times and the performance of Indian servers, I found myself content with Hostinger’s overall performance.

For those with a US-based target audience, opting for a Hostinger plan with US servers is recommended. These servers showcase exceptional speeds and performance. The performance of Hostinger’s Shared hosting plans on US servers can easily rival that of Cloud hosting plans.

However, when it comes to an Indian audience, I hesitate to recommend their Indian servers due to observed average uptimes and speeds. Instead, consider their Singapore servers, which provide swift speeds and impressive performance.

To sum up, if you’re a beginner seeking reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly shared hosting, Hostinger remains the top choice for 2023. Personally, I’ve hosted numerous micro-niche blogs and websites on Hostinger without encountering any issues so far.

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Nonetheless, for those able to allocate a larger budget, alternatives like Chemicloud, FastComet, and Cloudways offer potent hosting solutions.

Options Besides Hostinger

Ideal Hostinger Replacements for Beginners:

For beginners, Hostinger unquestionably offers a solid hosting solution. However, if you’re willing to invest more in your budget, consider these superior alternatives:

Established in 2016, ChemiCloud is a US-based web hosting provider. Like Hostinger, it also utilizes Litespeed servers, ensuring rapid speeds and enhanced performance.

Why Place Your Trust in Me?

I’ve been immersed in the digital industry on a full-time basis since 2015. Throughout this span, I’ve had the opportunity to extensively utilize and assess the leading web hosting services across both personal and client websites. Over the past three years, I’ve consistently been engaged in evaluating hosting providers such as Cloudways, ChemiCloud, and FastComet.

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When it comes to Hostinger, my initial encounter with their hosting was back in 2019 when I acquired it for my micro niche blogs. Since that point, I’ve procured multiple Hostinger plans, including their Cloud Startup package. In fact, I maintain active subscriptions to several Hostinger plans that I diligently evaluate each year.


Hostinger stands out as an accessible, secure, dependable, and cost-effective hosting solution, particularly for those embarking on their initial website ventures.

For individuals seeking a budget-conscious hosting service for their website, employing my link and entering the coupon code “KRIPESH” can yield an additional 10% discount.

By opting to purchase through my link, you’ll also gain complimentary access to my Hostinger Training Program, a valuable resource designed to assist newcomers in their journey with Hostinger.

In any case, I trust you’ve discovered this Hostinger Review to be enlightening. Looking for more in-depth and candid evaluations on this blog? Be sure to subscribe to my Newsletter to stay updated on the latest articles!

Signing off, for now, this is Kripesh. Rest assured, I’ll return with more captivating content in the near future. Until then, stay at home and keep enriching your knowledge!


Is Hostinger suitable for newcomers?

Absolutely, in addition to its simple one-click application installations, Hostinger provides straightforward backup and restoration options. Its user-friendly panel is packed with a plethora of features, all available at budget-friendly prices. This collectively positions it as one of the top hosting choices for individuals who are new to web hosting.

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