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IS LEGIT in 2023: HOW SAFE? LEGIT – Curious about the legitimacy and safety of This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information. Our investigation uncovers a website that may not adhere to the expected standards of reliability and security. appears to encourage the sharing of personal data and promotes the download of software that may not be entirely reliable. As a result, there are inherent risks associated with using this platform.

To gain a better understanding of and its particularities, stay with us as we embark on a deeper exploration. Are you prepared to uncover more? Let’s commence our journey!

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What is Legit?

First and foremost, I want to confirm the existence of However, I strongly advise against visiting or using this website. While I will provide a brief overview, it is crucial to delve into more detail to offer a comprehensive response.

The purported purpose of is to serve as a supplementary web-based tool that integrates with OnlyFans, a platform known for content sharing. The concept behind OnlyShares is to connect an OnlyFans account to the tool, enabling users to download content from OnlyFans while using the platform.

Now, let’s break down the implications of this arrangement. OnlyFans operates by allowing content creators to charge subscription fees for accessing their exclusive content, primarily consisting of images and videos. If users can easily download all the content, there would be little incentive to maintain a subscription, undermining the profitability of OnlyFans. Consequently, OnlyFans does not provide straightforward methods to download content.

OnlyShares positions itself as a tool that facilitates the downloading of content from OnlyFans, allowing users to view the content offline. This is the main idea behind the tool. However, it is essential to note that OnlyShares claims it can unlock content to which users are not subscribed, raising legitimate concerns.

Before addressing the safety and legitimacy aspects, let’s discuss the functionality of OnlyShares. Regrettably, it fails to deliver on its promises. To provide you with a well-informed answer, I conducted a test of the site in a secure setup. During the test, OnlyShares prompted me to enter account details and repeatedly asked me to integrate additional apps, accounts, and external resources. This process seemed like a never-ending cycle, and it never redirected me to OnlyFans. Ultimately, the entire procedure caused my test setup to crash.

At no point was I able to use OnlyShares to download any content from OnlyFans, which indicates that it does not fulfill its claimed functionality. Therefore, it can be considered illegitimate and unreliable.

Is Legit?

Let’s make it clear: OnlyShares is an illegitimate platform. It is crucial to emphasize this fact as it is not a website to be trusted, and engaging with it carries significant risks.

With that said, it does exist as a website. If you enter the URL, you will indeed see a website. However, the issue lies in the fact that the site does not function as it claims.

Firstly, it has no official affiliation with OnlyFans whatsoever. Even if it did enable downloads, its existence would likely infringe upon OnlyFans’ terms of service and potentially violate copyright laws.

Furthermore, the truth is that OnlyShares simply does not work. In reality, it operates more like a fraudulent scheme. The continuous cycle of downloading new resources and requesting account details is likely a tactic to harvest your personal information and sell it to numerous third parties.

Moreover, several of the items that OnlyShares prompted me to download or install were undoubtedly harmful, ultimately leading to the crash of my test setup. This website lacks legitimacy, and I strongly urge you to avoid it.

If my warning is not convincing enough, rest assured that I am not alone in this assessment. Websites dedicated to exposing scams, such as Scam-Detector, have evaluated OnlyShares and reached the same conclusion. It sets off all the alarm bells. Additionally, its web security is severely lacking, but I will delve into that further shortly. Let me reiterate: It is a scam, and I will emphasize this point as many times as necessary to ensure its complete understanding.

Is OnlyShares.Net Safe?

Let’s discuss the matter of safety. Firstly, it is evident that anything clearly identified as a scam is inherently unsafe. There are individuals attempting to steal your information, most likely with the intention of either committing identity theft or acquiring your financial resources.

I believe it is unnecessary to delve further into this topic, as the fact that OnlyShares is a scam should be self-evident. However, even beyond its fraudulent nature, the website is severely lacking in terms of general security measures.

Even if we were to assume that OnlyShares posed no direct harm, its overall security is so inadequate that malicious parties would be able to exploit its vulnerabilities to steal your information.

Therefore, it is unequivocally unsafe to use this website. Even if you were to provide fake information while using the site, it would still attempt to coax you into installing malicious software. In every aspect, this website is inherently unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. Review Review Review

According to the VLDTR® tool, has been assigned the lowest rank possible on the platform: 0.50. This ranking suggests that the business is associated with the following tags: High-Risk, Phishing, and Beware.

Our confidence in this rating is bolstered by our collaboration with several advanced fraud-prevention companies, all of which have identified similar issues. Numerous factors contribute to this exceptionally low rating. Our comprehensive formula takes into account 53 relevant factors specific to the industry of The algorithm has detected activities indicative of high-risk behavior, including phishing, spamming, and other factors pertinent to the Adult Sites industry. Hence, the inclusion of the aforementioned tags: High-Risk, Phishing, Beware.

To put it simply, we strongly advise against visiting this website.

Other websites like

During my research for OnlyShares, I came across a number of other websites and apps that claimed to provide similar results.

The general idea is that you can sign up for an account on the site, and it will then unlock OnlyFans content for you.

I’ll spend a few moments discussing a few of the ones that came up more frequently than the others. Following that, I’ll explain how to determine whether something is genuine or not.


The first stop is Thotsbay. This claims to do the same things as OnlyShares.

It’s supposed to let you download all of the content on OnlyFans. It’s also obviously a scam. I’m not going to go as in-depth on this site as I did on OnlyShares because it will become redundant.

Thotsbay suffers from the same set of issues. The website is not safe.

It fails to deliver on its promises. It requests information from you for a slew of different accounts and attempts to trick you into downloading malware.

This website is not genuine. It is not secure. I strongly advise you to avoid it.

OnlyFans Premium Account Generator

OnlyFans Premium Account Generator
OnlyFans Premium Account Generator

This particular website (which I won’t provide the web address for) makes the bold claim that it can generate a premium account access key for you. According to them, this key would grant you access to an OnlyFans premium account, providing unlimited access to all content on the platform.

However, let’s address this claim directly: it’s too good to be true. Your instincts are correct. This is yet another scam, and I want to emphasize this point. To begin with, OnlyFans does not offer premium accounts.

The concept of a special account where you pay a significant fee for unlimited access to the site is nothing more than an internet myth. In reality, if you want access to content on OnlyFans, you need to subscribe to the specific content creator who has posted it. This is clearly stated in OnlyFans’ contracts.

If OnlyFans were to introduce a premium account, it would violate these contracts and put the platform at risk of significant financial losses. Therefore, any claim that promises to provide you with a premium account is a lie. Individuals on the internet who assert that they possess premium accounts are simply deceiving others. It’s important to understand that such a premium account does not exist.

Although I haven’t directly tested the account generator they offer, I can confidently say that what it claims to do is fundamentally impossible. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that it is indeed a scam.

Any Offer For Free OnlyFans Content

I have come across numerous mentions of websites and applications that claim to unlock or download OnlyFans content. However, it is important to note that all of these claims are false. They are nothing more than deceptive tactics.

While it is possible that there may be third-party tools available that allow the download of OnlyFans content, they would invariably violate OnlyFans’ terms and conditions. The platform generally does not permit the downloading of content.

The only exception would be if you are the creator and uploader of the content itself. Even then, it is not always a straightforward process.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with malicious individuals who exploit these myths. They perpetuate the notion that you can obtain free content or downloads through some magical service or application. However, it is crucial to understand that all these claims are nothing but lies. In all likelihood, they are scams aiming to deceive unsuspecting users.

How to detect illegal sites and apps like

How to detect illegal sites and apps like
How to detect illegal sites and apps like

I won’t be able to name every phony website and app. Several people are attempting to con you by promising access to OnlyFans content. What are the best ways for you to recognize that bad stuff?

They’re all bad, in general. Go through OnlyFans if you want content from OnlyFans.

That much is obvious. However, you should be aware of three specific warning signs.

OnlyFans Is In The Name

OnlyFans is a legally registered trademark, and there is only one legitimate platform bearing that name. Consequently, any third party that utilizes “OnlyFans” in its name potentially violates copyright laws.

I can assure you that OnlyFans does not license its name to third-party companies that claim to offer free content or other methods that would harm OnlyFans’ profitability. Such a course of action would be highly detrimental to OnlyFans’ business strategy.

Therefore, if you come across anything with “OnlyFans” in its name, promising access to free content, it is crucial to understand the following: the individuals or group behind it are comfortable with engaging in illegal activities, and it is highly likely that they are willing to breach the law when it comes to their interactions with you as well.


The claim that you can obtain a premium account is another red flag. I’ve already harped on this.

OnlyFans Premium accounts do not exist. Anyone who sells such an account (even if they claim it is free) is already deceiving you.

Why do they have to trick you? What is the true objective? They’re most likely attempting to steal your data. Premium account claims are frequently accompanied by scams.


The same is true of anything that prioritizes unpaid content. You are aware of the proverb. It is untrue if it seems too good to be true. The word “free” is attempting to catch your eye.

It raises an alarm. Head the other way. Adult Sites

The business of seems to be connected to the Adult Sites industry, although this might be a facade. Our attempt to gather information from its admin page revealed the following conclusion:

The website’s design is noticeably subpar, lacking essential elements in its metadata that could enhance its online presence. Consequently, its credibility is compromised, and the quality of its offerings becomes questionable. We will revise this information once improvements are made to its backend.

Below, you will find additional details about and our discoveries.

Is a Scam? Share Your Experience

How did you discover this business or page? Online advertisements, dubious Facebook ads, Instagram, or email? By leaving a comment below, you can assist a lot of people today. We need to expose the con artists. Is it a fraud? What grade would you give this website if you were involved with it? Please leave a review below to share your experience. What It Claims to Be and How It Works

A third-party website add-on called OnlyShares makes the claim that it can be used with OnlyFans to let users download content from the platform. The website does not appear to live up to its promises, and its functionality is questionable. This article will examine OnlyShares’ claims and intended functionality.

Conclusion Of

OnlyFans has gained significant popularity as a platform for content creators to monetize their work, particularly in the realm of adult content. It provides creators with various features and tools to manage their subscriptions and content. However, OnlyFans has faced criticism and controversy, with some arguing that it contributes to the objectification of individuals and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

While OnlyShares claims to be a tool enabling users to download content from OnlyFans, it is neither a secure nor a legitimate option. OnlyFans has implemented security measures to safeguard creators’ content, and resorting to third-party websites like OnlyShares for content downloads can expose users to risks such as malware, scams, and potential legal consequences.

Exercising caution is crucial when utilizing third-party tools and services, particularly when dealing with sensitive content such as adult material. OnlyFans users should rely on the platform’s built-in features to manage their subscriptions and access content while avoiding the temptation of downloading content from untrustworthy sources. Ultimately, the most effective way to support creators on OnlyFans is by directly subscribing to their accounts and respecting their boundaries and consent. FAQs

The Risks of Using OnlyShares: Why You Should Avoid It

Although OnlyShares may seem like a practical way to access OnlyFans content, it carries a number of dangers. Using OnlyShares is not worth the potential drawbacks, which range from potential security issues to legal issues. This article will outline the dangers of using OnlyShares as well as why you should stay away from it.

How to Safely Download OnlyFans Content Without Using OnlyShares

You don’t need to use a dubious third-party addon like OnlyShares to download content from OnlyFans. There are other, more dependable, and secure ways to access content on OnlyFans. This article will look at some secure download alternatives to OnlyShares for OnlyFans content.

OnlyShares Reviews: What Other Users Have Experienced

It’s crucial to know what other users have gone through if you’re still debating using OnlyShares despite the risks. Online reviews of OnlyShares are available and can help you decide whether the site is trustworthy or not. This article will examine a few OnlyShares reviews and what they have to say about the website.

How to Spot OnlyShares Scams and Other Phishing Attempts

Regrettably, OnlyShares is not the sole platform attempting to deceive OnlyFans users. Numerous other fraudulent schemes and phishing attempts exist, all aiming to deceive individuals into divulging personal information or making payments for content that will never be delivered. This article aims to delve into the identification of such scams and provide guidance on safeguarding yourself while navigating the online realm.

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