May 21, 2024
Scalenut Review 2023 – Best AI Writer For Long Form & SEO

Scalenut Review 2023 – Best AI Writer For Long Form & SEO?

Scalenut Review-AI-based text generation tools have become the focal point of current market discussions. A multitude of AI writing aids are now available, enabling the swift creation of top-notch content.

My prior experience involves putting various AI writing platforms to the test, among them, WordHero, Writesonic, ClosersCopy, Rytr, and more. Presently, I present to you my evaluation of Scalenut.

Within this assessment of Scalenut, we will commence by delving into its origins, user interface, operational process, pricing structure, and key functionalities. Subsequently, we will proceed to examine its AI templates, integrations, customer support, as well as the primary advantages and disadvantages inherent to Scalenut.

Thus, does Scalenut excel at generating precise content? Is its acquisition a prudent investment? The answers lie within the depths of our discourse.

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Scalenut Review 2023

Content Optimisation



Ease of Use



Scalenut provides a remarkable editor for crafting extensive content, along with insightful SEO reports and a diverse range of AI templates. Nevertheless, this tool falls short in terms of tone and language refinement, and it's not entirely devoid of grammatical inaccuracies and instances of plagiarism.

The standout attribute of Scalenut lies in the exceptional quality of content generated by its AI. On the whole, it excels in assisting with the creation of comprehensive content, complemented by its valuable SEO reports.


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About Scalenut Scalenut Review

Established in 2020 by Gaurav Goyal and Mayank Jain, Scalenut stands as a content creation and research instrument. With its base located in Gurugram, India, Scalenut has played a pivotal role in enhancing the organic traffic of more than 200 businesses and currently boasts a user count exceeding 100,000.


Employing cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence, Scalenut crafts high-quality content that achieves commendable rankings. This platform provides access to over 40 AI templates across diverse categories like business, marketing, copywriting, blogging, and more, enabling the generation of distinctive and top-notch content within mere seconds.

Scalenut Review Video

For those who find visual reviews more informative, this video review of Scalenut could be particularly valuable. While it’s in Hindi, English subtitles are provided for better understanding.

How does Scalenut work Scalenut Review?

Scalenut operates on the cutting-edge language prediction model known as the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, or GPT-3, which was developed by Open AI Labs in 2020. With a staggering training dataset of 175 billion machine learning parameters, GPT-3 stands as the most advanced and potent language prediction model ever created.

Its capabilities go beyond merely generating new content from existing material; it can also propose innovative concepts and titles, respond to queries, compose songs, stories, and poems, and even code. According to the CEO of OpenAI, the imminent release of GPT-4 is on the horizon, and I’m eagerly anticipating the exciting possibilities it will bring forth!

Scalenut Pricing Scalenut Review

Scalenut provides a trio of pricing plans that can be accessed through both monthly and yearly subscriptions. Let’s delve into their essential features.

Individual Plan
Growth Plan
Pro Plan

Pricing (Billed Annually)

AI Words

SEO Reports

Cruise Mode
Topic Clusters

Users112 (more for $49/user)

For the purpose of this review, I’ve acquired a subscription to their Growth plan, which is priced at $47 per month. The Growth plan encompasses limitless AI-generated words, as well as access to long-form content creation, 30 reports, and 30 topic clusters each month.

If you’re working within a constrained budget, it might be worth exploring more economical AI writing options such as Writesonic or Rytr.

Free Trial Scalenut Review

Should you desire to familiarize yourself with their tools and features prior to making a financial commitment, Scalenut extends a 7-day free trial for its premium plans. This serves as a helpful way for new users to arrive at an informed decision.

Nonetheless, to access the free trial, you’ll need to provide your credit card information. Once the trial period concludes, you will be automatically switched to the Scalenut free plan.

Payment Methods:

For those interested in procuring a plan from Scalenut, they facilitate payment through the following methods: Debit and Credit cards.

Refund Policy:

Regrettably, all paid Scalenut plans are non-refundable. Hence, it’s advisable to consider purchasing their plans only when you are certain of your requirement for this AI writer.

Scalenut Review Scalenut Coupon Code

Should you be genuinely interested in acquiring Scalenut, I have a special discount coupon at your disposal.

image 1

By utilizing my link to subscribe to any Scalenut plan, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your initial monthly payment. Remember to apply the coupon code “FOREVER20” to take advantage of this offer.

Scalenut Review User Interface

Scalenut’s user interface boasts a contemporary design, visually engaging aesthetics, and a user-friendly layout, making it particularly accessible for beginners.

image 2

Upon logging into your Scalenut account, the left panel showcases an array of prominent features, functions, account settings, and the help center.

The primary screen highlights the most widely-used AI writing and SEO tools, readily accessible with a single click. All in all, Scalenut’s interface is user-friendly and accentuated by an appealing design.

Key Features of Scalenut Review

To assist you in producing top-notch content for your projects, Scalenut presents an array of features. Let’s delve into them.

Languages Scalenut Review

In contrast to AI writers like WordHero, Rytr, and WriteSonic which accommodate multiple languages, Scalenut currently exclusively supports content generation in English. It’s my anticipation that they will expand their language offerings in the near future.

Tones play a pivotal role in shaping the impression we aim to convey to our readers. For instance, ads and sales copy might adopt a casual tone, while business emails often utilize a professional or serious tone.

Regrettably, Scalenut presently doesn’t provide support for different tones. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is part of their future plans.

AI Templates Scalenut Review

Scalenut’s AI encompasses a diverse range of over 40 tools and templates, tailored to facilitate content creation across various categories. To illustrate:

  • Bloggers and Copywriters can leverage tools like Blog Ideas, Intro Paragraph, Title Creator, AIDA Framework, PAS Framework, and more.
  • Affiliate Writers and Marketers can make use of features such as Product Descriptions, Social Media Posts, Features to Benefits, and more.
  • Business owners can utilize tools including Catchy Email Subject Lines, Sales Email Generator, Unique Value Proposition, and more.
  • Content Creators and YouTubers can take advantage of tools like Video Titles, Video Descriptions, Video Hook and Intro, and more.

Content Grade Scalenut Review

Content Grade stands as an in-house attribute of Scalenut, designed to enhance your content’s quality. This feature assesses the optimization and SEO-friendliness of your long-form content. You can find it displayed at the bottom of the AI editor while generating an SEO Report.

image 3

Therefore, to enhance the content grade of your SEO document, your approach involves incorporating a multitude of NLP (Natural Language Processing) terms into your content. These terms can be organized based on frequency, significance, and appearance within headings.

Moreover, when faced with challenges in integrating a keyword into your content, an alternative is to select the AI button alongside the term. This will automatically generate content for you, incorporating that specific term. I found this feature particularly captivating and efficient, especially for those seeking to craft SEO-friendly content.

Scalenut AI Templates with Examples Scalenut Review

Looking to create distinct content for your social media, blog, business website, or products? Scalenut presents an extensive collection of more than 43 AI templates across diverse categories to assist you in this endeavor.

Now, let’s delve into the pivotal templates, accompanied by a few straightforward examples.

Product Descriptions Scalenut Review

Crafting a finely composed product description has the potential to significantly amplify your product’s sales! If you find yourself grappling with the composition of product descriptions or reviews, Scalenut’s AI tools could offer a solution.

image 4

Product Description:

To create a product description, input the brand name and a brief description. For instance, in this case, I provided a succinct description of the Logitech Wireless Keyboard, yielding five generated outputs.

In summary, I was impressed by the caliber of the generated descriptions. It was truly remarkable that all of them incorporated the provided inputs. These outputs can certainly find applications in your affiliate blogs, website content, sales emails, and more.

Online Review Generator:

For those aiming to compose an enticing review for a product they’ve experienced, this tool proves invaluable. Just enter the product name, a brief description, and your favorite aspects of the product.

image 5

I endeavored to generate a review for the Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner. Let’s examine the outcomes.

I found myself rather impressed, considering that all four outputs generated by this tool were exceptionally well-crafted. They possessed an air of authenticity and credibility as if composed after genuinely using the eyeliner. This tool can prove handy for crafting reviews on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

Q&A Content Scalenut Review

In the case that you host an interview series, a talk show, or a podcast, Scalenut’s Q&A Content feature can be employed to produce an array of captivating questions centered around your chosen topic.

Compelling Questions:

image 6

Generating questions is a straightforward process; all you need to do is furnish it with a topic. For instance, I input the topic “Making Money Online.” Now, let’s explore the outcomes.

On the whole, these questions are quite suitable for facilitating podcast sessions or interviews. However, you won’t come across any exceptionally innovative ideas within this set.

Article Copywriting

For content writers and copywriters, these content writing tools are an absolute lifesaver. They not only assist in discovering fresh blog ideas but also expedite the process of generating content for different sections of your blog. Let’s delve into the prevalent use cases below.

Paragraph Generator:

image 7

Should you be seeking to craft engaging paragraphs for your blogs but find yourself devoid of inspiration, the Paragraph Generator tool is at your disposal. I put it to the test by providing a sentence about the significance of exercise in weight loss. Let’s examine the outcomes.

It produced two distinct versions of paragraphs, both of which were remarkably captivating, attention-grabbing, and informative. Without a doubt, these are fitting for utilization in your blog posts.

Introduction Paragraph:

image 8

Composing an appealing introductory paragraph is undeniably one of the more challenging aspects of article writing. Allow AI to simplify the process for you.

The following are the outcomes when I generated a blog introduction for the topic of ‘Healthy Lunch Ideas for Food Enthusiasts’.

It produced two distinct variations of introductions, both of which left a strong impression. The engaging manner in which they were framed managed to immediately captivate the reader’s attention. These intros can be effectively employed in your blogs or video descriptions.

Blog Title Creator:

To put this tool to the test, I input the topic ‘Guide to Content Marketing’. Let’s now examine the blog titles it generated.

image 9

This tool yielded 6 outputs, but not all were directly relevant to marketing. They encompassed diverse marketing subtopics such as blogging, monetizing blogs, video series, and more. In general, I believe these outcomes could be refined to better align with the core topic.

Blog Ideas:

For those grappling with the search for compelling blogging topics, this tool proves to be quite valuable. The subsequent results showcase the blog ideas generated for the theme of ‘Parenting’.

image 10

I discovered the generated results to be wonderfully diverse, covering various facets of parenting. I appreciated all the ideas, although the mandatory inclusion of a brand name in the input might not always appear logical.

Conclusion Paragraph:

A well-crafted conclusion serves to tie up your entire blog content effectively, coupled with an enticing call to action. Yet, crafting an impactful conclusion paragraph can often be challenging for writers. During such moments, Scalenut’s Conclusion Paragraph tool proves its worth.

All that’s required is to furnish a topic, description, and call to action. Now, let’s examine the outcomes when I utilized this tool to generate a conclusion paragraph for the theme of ‘Importance of Cryptocurrency’.

image 11

It produced two variations of conclusion paragraphs, both of which elaborated effectively on the call to action. However, the impact of the conclusion itself seemed somewhat lacking. In summary, this tool is fairly useful, and bloggers should certainly consider its utilization.

Meta Description:

Generating a meta description for your blog is a straightforward process: just provide the topic, blog description, and desired keywords. Below are the outcomes when I input the topic ‘Complete Guide to Learning Digital Art’.

image 12

In my opinion, all the meta-descriptions generated by this tool were really interesting and insightful. They included all the inputs I provided in the description. You can surely use it to general SEO-friendly descriptions of your posts.

Blog Outline Creator

If you wish to create outlines for your blog posts, you can get some inspiration from Scalenut’s Blog Outline Creator. You just have to give it a topic and context. Following were the outline variants generated for the topic ‘tips for booking cheap flights’.

image 13

It produced two outcomes, each containing the specified 5 tips. Nonetheless, it fell short of creating a comprehensive outline for a complete blog post. From my perspective, it could have incorporated additional topics beyond just tips. On the whole, this tool demonstrated a commendable performance.

Copywriting (Frameworks) Scalenut Review

Copywriting entails crafting content with the intention of prompting a response or action. It finds applications in website copies, blog introductions, product descriptions, sales emails, and more.

Scalenut encompasses a selection of well-known copywriting frameworks. Let’s examine their effectiveness.

AIDA Framework: AIDA represents Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action—an acclaimed framework often employed by accomplished copywriters.

image 14

Getting started is simple: provide the product name and a brief description. Below, I present the outcomes generated when I input ‘Thinkific LMS’ into the tool.

It produced two results, with the first one particularly catching my attention. It adeptly identified the appropriate emotions and expounded on them in alignment with the AIDA framework. All in all, the outputs were of exceptional quality!

PAS Framework:

PAS, representing Problem, Agitate, Solution, is a remarkably potent framework commonly applied in conversion-focused content like sales letters or email copies. Below, I present the outcomes obtained when I input the ‘BHIM UPI app’ into the tool.

image 15

It generated a pair of outcomes. While they possessed commendable quality and effectively stirred the appropriate emotions for each section of the framework, the logical accuracy was somewhat lacking.

Feature to Benefit:

In an effort to assess this tool, I input ‘Lotus Herbals Night Cream’. Now, let’s delve into the results.

image 16

It produced five outcomes, although I perceived that a significant portion of them merely rephrased the features without expanding upon the advantages that users could gain from those features. Overall, as of now, this specific use case doesn’t seem to wield substantial strength.

Advertisements seem to saturate the online landscape nowadays. However, if you find yourself mired in mundane concepts, Scalenut’s Ad Copy tools offer a solution by generating fresh and intriguing ad copies. Let’s explore noteworthy advertisement tools.

Facebook Headlines:

For those entrenched in crafting Facebook ads, the Facebook Headlines tool could prove to be a lifesaver. To initiate the process, input the brand name and provide a concise description. Below, I present the outcomes obtained when I supplied the ‘Skype app’ to the tool.

image 17

From my perspective, each of the headline variations generated exhibited a remarkable and attention-grabbing quality. These could undoubtedly be employed by digital marketing experts and content strategists for advertisements across diverse social media platforms.

Google Descriptions:

If grappling with the composition of Google snippets for your posts is a challenge you face, the Google Descriptions tool could come to your aid. In this case, input the brand name, description, and a handful of pertinent keywords. Below, I present the outcomes derived when I used ‘Logitech Wireless Keyboard’ as the input.

image 18

It produces a single Google description with each search. In my observation, certain descriptions showcased inventiveness and enticement. To uncover superior results, you might need to generate descriptions multiple times. For an alternative approach to generating ads and marketing content, consider exploring Copy AI, Jasper, or Writesonic.

Email Copywriting Scalenut Review

Creating an email that effectively captures the reader’s attention is a skill mastered by only a few. However, there exist tools that can swiftly compose concise and captivating emails on your behalf.

If your professional focus involves crafting business or product-related emails, Scalenut’s email tools have the potential to significantly streamline your tasks. Let’s explore their creative capabilities.

Catchy Email Subject Lines:

To generate attention-grabbing email subject lines, input the brand name, an email description, and a brief explanation of the email’s purpose. Below, I present the subject lines that were generated for the topic ‘Launching Bloom Body Lotion’.

image 19

In my assessment, each of the subject line variations appeared to be catchy and appealing. However, there were instances of repetition in some of them. On the whole, this seems to be a valuable tool for email purposes.

Sales Email Generator:

To craft a sales email, provide the brand name, product description, email content, and sender’s role. Below, I present the outcomes obtained when I attempted to generate a sales email for the Canva app, highlighting free access for the initial month.

It yielded two results. Let’s examine them.

Output 1:

image 20

I found both of the outputs appealing. They were detailed and captivating, with a strong emphasis on incorporating the email’s context.

Output 2:

image 21

This tool offers the opportunity to experiment with generating various types of emails. Additionally, for email generation, Writesonic and Jasper AI are also commendable options.

Video Content Scalenut Review

For YouTubers and video content creators, conceiving attention-grabbing titles and ideas for video content can indeed be a taxing endeavor. To alleviate these challenges, Scalenut offers its video tools.

Now, let’s delve into the premier video content tools available.

Video Title:

To create enticing titles for your YouTube videos, simply inform Scalenut’s AI about the content of your video.

image 22

Here, I present the outcomes generated for the topic “How to Improve Communication Skills”.

It produced four outputs, and I genuinely value the suggested title ideas. Nevertheless, I noticed that they largely centered around the wording provided in the input, with a few generic words added around it. There is room for improvement in enhancing the tool’s ability to generate more creatively diverse outputs.

Video Description:

Should you desire a video description, input a pertinent video title. Now, let’s observe what the tool generates for the video topic “How to Start a Blog”.

image 23

In my perspective, all the generated outputs were of exceptional quality. They delved into the intricacies of blogging and managed to captivate my attention right from the outset. Additionally, each output featured a notable call to action at the conclusion. Altogether, this tool stands out as an exceptional resource for crafting video descriptions.

Website Copy Scalenut Review

For copywriters grappling with crafting compelling website or product copy, the Website Copy tools provided by Scalenut could be a valuable solution. In this context, I’ll be exploring the functionality of the Landing Page Hero Text tool. Let’s observe its performance.

Landing Page Hero Text:

To generate the hero text, input the brand name alongside a brief description. Here, I present the outcomes generated for ‘Cyberclaw Technologies’.

image 24

I must admit, I was genuinely impressed with the array of output variations generated. Each hero text provided precise and engaging content for the readers. Undoubtedly, this tool can serve as a valuable asset for creating high-quality copies for your website.

Compelling Bullet Points:

In search of eye-catching and impactful bullet points for your website? Give the Compelling Bullet Points feature a shot. Below, I present the outcomes obtained when I input a description of Doritos into this tool.

image 25

In summary, I found the bullet points generated by this tool to be highly appealing. Their engagement factor makes them suitable for utilization on your website.

Social Media Posts Scalenut Review

Crafting effective social media copies can indeed pose a challenge. It requires the creation of imaginative and captivating posts and captions that successfully capture the reader’s interest. To assist you in this endeavor, Scalenut presents its array of social media tools. Let’s explore their functionality!

Social Media Posts:

For generating content tailored to social media platforms, Scalenut is at your service. Just provide a brand or product name along with a description. Below, I showcase what it generates for the event of ‘the launching of Cyberclaw Technologies’.

image 26

It presented two social media outputs that were relatively mediocre. Regrettably, they didn’t align well with the given inputs. On the whole, this tool isn’t ideal for crafting general-purpose social media posts since you are required to include a brand name right from the start.

Moreover, I was disheartened by the absence of an extensive range of social media tools within Scalenut. In comparison, other AI writers like WordHero and Writesonic provide a diverse array of social media tools.

More Examples Scalenut Review

For further insight into additional use cases of Scalenut, refer to the table below. We’ve compiled all the outputs within this table to provide you with a glimpse of the quality achievable through Scalenut. This very table has been employed in our Scalenut review.

Scalenut Long-Form Content Scalenut Review

It’s a familiar struggle for writers to contend with occasional bouts of writer’s block. However, there’s no reason why that should hinder your ability to produce outstanding content. Enter Scalenut’s Cruise Mode, designed to aid you in generating complete long-form articles in under 5 minutes.

For the purpose of testing, I’ll be composing an extensive blog post on ‘The Importance of Time Management’. Let’s proceed.

Step 1: Generate SEO Report

To initiate the content generation process, we must furnish the article with primary and secondary keywords. Additionally, the selection of a target location is also required.

image 28

I’ve input the primary keyword as ‘time management for students and designated the location as India. With this information in place, Scalenut will proceed to generate an SEO report for your article.

Step 2: Specify the Context

Subsequently, we should input a concise description of our chosen topic. This description will essentially guide the AI regarding the content we intend to encompass in our article.

image 29

Step 3: Select a Title

Drawing from the inputs provided earlier, the tool will produce pertinent topics tailored to your article. From these options, you can select the one that resonates most with you and use it to shape your outline.

image 30

Alternatively, you also have the option to examine titles from highly ranked articles and adapt them to suit your blog.

Step 4: Build an Outline

Within the right-hand panel, you’ll discover a compilation of headings and questions addressed by the highest-ranking articles. Feel free to click on any of these entries to incorporate them into your article outline, or alternatively, you can create your own headings.

image 31

AI-generated title suggestions are also available for your convenience. Moreover, for the FAQ section, you can access question recommendations from Scalenut AI, Google, Reddit, and Quora.

Step 5: Writing Points

Upon completing the outline creation, the tool will proceed to generate writing points for each subtopic within your article. You also have the option to manually supplement these points further.

image 32

Ultimately, upon selecting ‘Generate Content’, the tool will proceed to generate paragraphs for each subtopic sequentially. I found the user interface of the long-form editor to be quite appealing. The method it employs to generate one paragraph of content at a time appears sleek, efficient, and user-friendly.

Furthermore, you have the capability to import an entire document via its URL and access the version history of your document within the AI editor.

image 33

Once your draft is prepared, you have the option to preview it or download it in PDF, HTML, or Word Doc formats.

On the whole, the Long-Form Content Generator functions with remarkable efficiency, making it a must-try for every writer! Personally, I found it to be incredibly potent and impressive.

In addition to Scalenut, Copy AI, Jasper AI, and Writesonic also excel in generating blog posts and long-form content.

Scalenut Text Editing Tools Scalenut Review

If your goal is to create long-form content using Scalenut, you might want to explore the intriguing text editing tools accessible through the Scalenut text editor toolbar.

Now, let’s delve into their functionality.

Write Tool

The Write tool essentially examines the context of your input and produces new content that aligns with it. All that’s required is to furnish it with an initial context, and it will generate additional text accordingly.

image 34

To simplify matters further, you also have the option of utilizing Scalenut’s AI templates to create the initial text. This feature adds an extra layer of intrigue, and I personally found it quite enjoyable to generate paragraphs of content using this tool.

Instruct Tool

For those seeking greater versatility in their content generation process, the Instruct tool is worth exploring. It proves beneficial when you aim to create customized content beyond Scalenut’s predefined use cases. Simply provide instructions within the AI editor and activate the Instruct tool with a click.

image 35

I’ve employed this tool to produce poems, songs, story plots, and even recipes. While the story plots may occasionally seem unconventional and illogical, the tool as a whole is undeniably captivating.


Connectors can serve as valuable tools to enhance the depth of your content. Scalenut provides an array of connectors, such as Addition, Contrast, Sequence, Result, Summary, and more. The process is simple: select a suitable connector, and it will generate a paragraph accordingly.

image 36

For example, here’s the paragraph generated by Scalenut when I employed the connector ‘Moreover’.

This tool is truly remarkable and finds its best use during periods when content writers are grappling with a shortage of ideas.

Scalenut SEO Hub Scalenut Review

Scalenut’s SEO Hub can prove invaluable when you’re seeking to create comprehensive article briefs and uncover keyword ideas for your posts. Now, let’s delve into a detailed exploration of the tools provided within Scalenut’s SEO Hub.

Scalenut Content Brief Scalenut Review

As its name implies, the Content Brief tool aids you in swiftly generating a guideline or report encompassing all essential information for crafting an article.

For crafting a content brief using Scalenut, you simply need to provide the keywords and input the target location. The tool will then automatically generate a comprehensive and informative brief report for you. This report comprises the following components:

  1. Competition Overview
image 37

This section provides an overview of the top 30 pages ranking on the SERP for your chosen keyword.

The metrics for comparison encompass word count, content grade, readability, heading tags, and the count of images. Additionally, you have the option to visualize this data graphically and access links to the top 30 articles.

2. Outlines

image 38

This section presents the article structures of the top 30 articles ranked on the SERP for your chosen keyword. You can observe the heading tags employed across all the results and arrange them based on rank or grade.

3. Questions

Under the Questions tab, you’ll find a compilation of popular inquiries related to the keyword. These questions are gathered from Google, Quora, and Reddit, as well as their AI.

image 39

“If you’re considering adding an FAQ section to your article, these are ideal.”

4. Citations

In this section, you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently referenced websites across the top 30 articles.

image 40

Furthermore, it presents the source URL, citation URL, source rank, and the frequency of appearances of these websites in the top 30 articles.

5. Key Terms

Within this section, you’ll discover the key terms utilized in the articles ranked within the top 30, accompanied by their frequency, significance, and illustrative usage instances. This proves highly beneficial for crafting SEO-optimized content.

image 41

As you commence crafting content based on the brief, their AI will additionally aid in generating content infused with the pertinent keywords.

  1. SERP Statistics

Incorporating pertinent statistics within your articles elevates readers’ confidence in your content. To facilitate this, Scalenut has recently introduced the SERP Statistics feature.

image 42

Using this tool, you can gain access to the prominent statistics employed by the top-ranking articles on the SERP. You can also incorporate these statistics into your own posts to enhance the credibility of your content.

  1. General Guidelines

Should you desire to provide supplementary instructions, such as keywords, references, or notes for your content writers, you have the option to outline them in the general guidelines section.

image 43

All in all, the Content Brief feature proves valuable, mainly if you manage a team of writers who consistently produce content. Automating the creation of a brief will significantly economize your time.

Scalenut Keyword Planner

Are you aware that crafting topic clusters can significantly enhance your SEO performance? Topic clusters consist of interconnected content centered on a specific niche, aiding search engines in comprehending your website’s content more effectively.

If you’re aiming to create a series of articles revolving around a particular topic, Scalenut’s Keyword Planner tool could prove beneficial. This tool assists in devising a comprehensive content strategy for your blog.

image 44

To initiate the process, simply input a keyword and designate a target country. The tool will subsequently produce correlated keywords and categorize them into topic clusters. These clusters encompass a series of interconnected keywords.

You have the capability to examine the search volume of each keyword within the cluster and even export them as a CSV file. Ultimately, you can select the topic cluster that aligns with your preferences and construct an SEO Document using it.

Scalenut Content Optimizer Scalenut Review

“Scalenut’s latest release introduces the Content Optimizer tool, designed to enhance your existing published articles in accordance with your selected keywords.”

image 45

“Underneath the SEO Score, you have the option to explore comprehensive insights across different sections. For example, the Key Terms tab provides a comparison between the identified key SEO terms in your article and the recommended terms. Additionally, their AI can assist in creating SEO-focused content for seamless integration into your post.

image 46

Towards the page’s conclusion, you’ll find your present SEO Score, word count, and usage of Key terms, along with the suggested benchmarks. All in all, this tool holds significant prowess if your goal is to enhance your existing content! Alternatively, you can also explore Jasper AI, which offers robust SEO utilities.”

Scalenut AI Content Analysis

Scalenut’s AI generates top-notch content, but does it possess both originality and accuracy? To validate this, I assessed the article produced by Scalenut regarding ‘The Significance of Time Management’ in terms of grammar and plagiarism.

Let’s evaluate its performance.

Grammar Check

image 47

To confirm the absence of grammatical errors in the content produced by Scalenut, I subjected it to the scrutiny of Grammarly Grammar Checker. The result yielded an aggregate score of 83, accompanied by 7 suggestions for enhancing correctness and clarity.

Although the score is satisfactory, the precision of Scalenut’s content in terms of grammar isn’t impeccable. Therefore, it’s advisable to employ a grammar-checking tool to review the generated content before publishing it on your website

Plagiarism Check Scalenut Review

“To verify the originality of the generated text, I conducted a plagiarism check using the premium version of Quetext. Here are my findings:”

image 48

I was somewhat surprised to discover that 23% of the entire content had traces of plagiarism. Upon further examination, I determined that there were no direct instances of copied content. However, the presence of recurring phrases and sentences collectively contributed to the plagiarism percentage.

All in all, the content produced by Scalenut isn’t entirely free of plagiarism. Thus, it’s recommended to subject it to a plagiarism-checking tool before sharing it on any platform to ensure its authenticity.

Moreover, if you’re seeking an AI writer who remains undetectable by AI Content Detection tools like Originality AI, you might consider opting for Copy AI.

Scalenut Integrations Scalenut Review

To enhance your workflow efficiency, Scalenut provides access to four robust integrations. These integrations are designed to conserve valuable time that would otherwise be spent on logging into various platforms and executing tasks such as keyword research, SEO, plagiarism checks, and more.

image 49

It presents four integrations in collaboration with renowned brands:

  1. Plagiarism Checker (by Copyscape)
  2. Keyword Researcher (by SEMRush)
  3. Cluster Booster (by SEMRush)
  4. WordPress Publisher (by WordPress)

Simply incorporate your Scalenut API key to establish a connection with these services. Once linked, you can conveniently access them directly within the Scalenut dashboard

Scalenut Chrome Extension

Should you require an AI writer to produce content across various platforms, Scalenut provides a convenient Chrome extension as well. This extension is a concise and streamlined iteration of their AI writer, equipped with commonly utilized AI tools.

image 50

To enable the extension, simply highlight a range of text containing 20 to 700 characters. You can then instruct it to Rephrase, Complete, or Simplify the content. Additionally, you have the option to utilize well-liked AI tools or the Command tool to request specific content types.

Within moments, it swiftly generates novel content for you. Upon clicking the output, it seamlessly integrates into your document. This functionality is compatible with major platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and more.

As an illustration, consider this instance: I attempted to rephrase a sentence within Google Docs. The tool generated an alternative version that I could either copy or directly insert into my document.

image 51

The AI’s utilization within the email templates was somewhat limited. This is precisely why I appreciated the extension’s capability to enhance email compositions. On the whole, the Chrome extension proves to be incredibly useful for individuals seeking swift content generation.

If your focus primarily revolves around utilizing an AI writer through its Chrome extension, alternatives like Jasper AI or Writesonic are worth exploring. Both of these AI writers provide robust and feature-rich extensions.

Scalenut Roadmap Scalenut Review

The Scalenut AI writer is experiencing commendable growth. Since its establishment in 2020, it has undergone significant enhancements and refined its suite of AI content writing tools.

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Several significant features such as content tones, topic gap analysis, SERP competitor search, and others are on their developmental agenda. Currently, they are actively working on language options, title, and meta description optimization, as well as WordPress publishing capabilities.

I eagerly anticipate the integration of these functionalities into their platform. For those seeking further information, the Scalenut Roadmap can provide more insights.

Scalenut Customer Support Scalenut Review

Scalenut provides customer support via their knowledge base and live chat. Currently, their knowledge base is somewhat restricted, featuring only a handful of articles that cover the usage of their AI tools and platform navigation.

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Furthermore, I found their Live chat support to be impressive. It’s efficient and uncomplicated, swiftly addressing all my inquiries in a courteous and prompt manner. Additionally, they maintain a Facebook community boasting more than 2.4k members, allowing you to engage with fellow Scalenut users and find solutions to your queries.

Scalenut Pros Scalenut Review

Robust Long-Form Editor

In a matter of seconds, Scalenut delivers exceptional long-form content. Alongside this, a range of editing tools empowers you to shape and refine AI-generated content to your specifications.

Effective SEO Reports

Scalenut’s advanced SEO tools swiftly generate comprehensive reports and create topic clusters aligned with your chosen keywords.

Rapid Speeds

The content generation process on Scalenut is impressively swift. Even in Cruise Mode, the creation of long-form content remains notably efficient and free from bugs or glitches.

Sleek User

Interface The simplicity, tidiness, and structured interface that Scalenut offers greatly appealed to me. Navigating their platform as a first-time user felt intuitive, and I encountered no technical issues.

Convenient Chrome Extension

Enhanced by essential features, Scalenut’s Chrome extension proves to be a handy asset. It facilitates new content creation and provides access to writing templates on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and more.

Responsive Live Chat Support

Scalenut’s live chat support is impressively swift and responsive, with queries typically resolved within minutes.

Top-Notch Outputs

Leveraging GPT-3, the cutting-edge language prediction model, Scalenut consistently delivers high-quality results across its array of AI tools. Notably, the output from their copywriting tools left a particularly favorable impression.

Seamless Platform

Integrations Scalenut seamlessly integrates with renowned third-party applications like CopyScape, SEMRush, and WordPress. This integration empowers you to research keywords, verify plagiarism, and directly publish content to WordPress directly from the Scalenut dashboard.

Scalenut Cons Scalenut Review

Absence of History Tab

Scalenut lacks an automatic content history feature. To safeguard your previously generated content for future use, you must manually click the Save button.

Narrowed Use Scenarios

From my perspective, the application’s utility for emails and social media content feels somewhat constrained. Expanding the range of templates available within these categories would be beneficial.

Lack of Tone Variation Presently

, Scalenut doesn’t incorporate tone adjustments to mold your content. Nevertheless, this functionality is on their roadmap for future implementation.

Language Limitations Currently,

content generation is confined to the English language. However, the inclusion of additional languages is in progress and may be introduced soon.

Missing Templates

for Creative Content Scalenut doesn’t offer distinct scenarios for crafting fictional content like poems, story plots, songs, etc. While the long-form editor includes an “Instruct” tool, it might have been advantageous to provide dedicated templates for such creative endeavors.

Collaboration Exclusive to Pro Plan

For those desiring collaborative work with content writers on Scalenut, opting for their highest-tier Pro plan is necessary.

Who is Scalenut best suited for Scalenut Review?

Scalenut presents an array of copywriting and advertising tools, catering effectively to copywriters, advertising agencies, small business proprietors, and social media and email marketers, among others.

Moreover, its inclusion of a sophisticated long-form content generator and SEO assistant renders it an excellent fit for content writers, bloggers, and SEO analysts, among others.

Alternatives to Scalenut Review


Writesonic functions as an AI copywriter powered by GPT-3. Differing from Scalenut, it boasts compatibility with 24 languages and offers a variety of applications for crafting top-notch content.

However, it’s worth noting that Hindi language support is absent. Furthermore, it provides API access and seamless integration with third-party services. Pricing commences at an affordable $10 per month, and by utilizing my link and the coupon code KRIP20, you can enjoy a 20% discount on Writesonic plans.


CopyAI stands as a GPT-3 empowered AI copywriting aide, embracing an extensive array of use cases alongside a commendable free plan. In contrast to Scalenut, it has a slower interface and lacks the ability to access previously generated content.

Nevertheless, it stands out as a proficient tool for generating diverse, high-quality content. Pricing tiers begin at $36 per month when billed annually.


Rytr enjoys popularity as an AI content solution, crafting impactful copies tailored for blogs and businesses.

Much like Scalenut, it boasts an array of AI applications, encompassing features such as Blog Ideas, Blog Outlines, AIDA frameworks, Interview Questions, Product Descriptions, and more.

However, what sets it apart is its integrated plagiarism checker, landing page creator, and innovative magic command tool. Additionally, its pricing packages commence at an attractive $9 per month.


WordHero operates as an AI writer utilizing the cutting-edge GPT-3 language generation model. It stands out with features including unlimited content creation, over 65 use cases, rapid processing speeds, and commendable output quality.

Testing Parameters

I opted for Scalenut’s Growth plan, available at $47 per month. This subscription grants unrestricted word usage, coupled with a monthly allocation of 30 SEO articles and Keyword Clusters. In my assessment of Scalenut’s capabilities, I subjected it to extensive testing across a spectrum of use cases, employing input prompts from both general and technical categories.

Subsequently, I meticulously assessed the quality of the generated outputs in comparison to other AI tools, assigning a star rating out of 5 to gauge its performance. This comprehensive methodology constituted the basis of my thorough evaluation of Scalenut for this article.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Over the past year, I’ve dedicated substantial time to thoroughly evaluating both paid and free AI content generation tools. I’ve conducted in-depth reviews of well-known AI writers, such as Jasper, Rytr, WriteSonic, Peppertype, and WordHero, among others. My engagement with these platforms goes beyond mere evaluation – I maintain active subscriptions with these AI writers and consistently leverage them for both professional and personal purposes.

In addition to these AI writers, I continually rely on writing assistants like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Immersing myself in the usage of numerous AI tools has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling me to discern their features, compare their performance, and confidently recommend the most suitable AI writer to fulfill your specific requirements.


The Scalenut AI tool presents itself as a potent AI Writer capable of generating high-quality, long-form content that is well-optimized for SEO. This encompasses the creation of blog posts, articles, and other content tailored to excel in search engine rankings.

Although it currently lacks support for content tones and various languages, it’s promising to note that these functionalities are in the pipeline for future integration. Once incorporated, they are likely to significantly enhance the tool’s value for content and copywriters.

Presently, the price point at which Scalenut is offered seems notably worthwhile. This affordability makes it a viable option for both newcomers and seasoned professionals to explore. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, Writesonic might also pique your interest.

Alternatively, for those considering prolonged access to AI writers, I’ve compiled a list of the finest Lifetime Deals available for AI Writers. This could offer a valuable long-term perspective on utilizing such tools.

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