May 21, 2024
Tapestry App Review

Tapestry App Review 2023 | (My Experience)

Tapestry App Review -Consider Tapestry, an app that could be an attractive option for earning some extra money on the side. According to the app, it suggests that earning is possible by merely running it on your phone, which might make you wonder if it’s genuinely as effortless as it sounds or if there’s a catch.

To address this question, let’s take a closer look at what Tapestry is all about and what it offers. By the end of this assessment, you’ll have the necessary information to decide if it aligns with your money-making preferences.

Rest assured, my reviews are always 100% honest, and I only recommend what I believe is genuinely worth your time. So, let’s delve into it!

What is Tapestry App Review?

In simple terms, Tapestri functions as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) platform that collects data from your mobile phone. If you’re concerned about your personal information, such as bank credentials or passwords, fret not. Tapestry solely focuses on gathering location data, which is done anonymously through a pseudonymized ID system. This means that your real identity remains undisclosed even when the data is sold.

Tapestri’s primary objective is to flip the conventional data monetization model. Instead of companies profiting from user data without any compensation, Tapestri offers financial rewards to its users for sharing their data.

Before we delve further, it’s crucial to note that Tapestry is legitimate, and it genuinely compensates you for merely running it in the background of your device. However, the fundamental question remains whether it’s worth investing your time.

To answer that, we need to explore its earning potential and assess whether the rewards justify the effort.

Now, let’s discuss how you can actually make money using the app.

1 Passive Earnings for Tapestry App Review: Just Let It Run

Tapestri’s reputation revolves around this feature, attracting many users to download the app. The allure lies in the fact that you can earn money by simply allowing the app to run silently on your phone.

a. Simply Let It Run Tapestry App Review:

To begin earning with Tapestri, all you need to do is install the app, grant it access to your location, and continue with your daily activities. Whether you’re running errands, spending time with family, or heading to work, the app quietly monitors your movements to understand your mobile activity. Rest assured, your personal identity remains protected throughout this process, safeguarding your privacy while the app operates.

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The rewards you earn are directly deposited into your account. This passive earning method requires no active effort on your part. By keeping this option enabled and staying on the move, you can earn an average of $5 to $20+ per month, though earnings may vary depending on your geographical location.

2 Map-based Check-ins for Tapestry App Review:

Tapestry also offers an intriguing feature with its map/check-in system. When you open the app and access the map, it pinpoints your location and displays various places that offer rewards for check-ins. While it may be tempting to hop from one spot to another for rewards, the effort might not be worth it considering the modest reward points. However, if you’re frequently out and about in the city, it can be a nice bonus. Simply keep the app handy and periodically check for potential check-in spots to accumulate extra points.

3 Surveys of Tapestry App Review:

For those familiar with survey platforms, Tapestry provides an option to answer surveys for rewards. You start with a set of initial questions to determine if you fit the target demographic. If you qualify, you proceed with the main survey; otherwise, you can look for another one. Note that the availability of surveys may vary based on your location, with regions like the US, UK, and Canada having better selections. Although surveys don’t pay a significant amount, the platforms they work with are legitimate if you wish to participate.

4 Playing Games for Tapestry App Review:

If you enjoy playing games, Tapestri rewards you for doing so. Browse the games section in the app and select from the featured games list. Your earnings are calculated by the minute, but there’s a catch: the longer you stick to one game, the less you’ll earn from it. This encourages users to explore different games, benefiting the app as well. To optimize your rewards, switch between games from time to time. While playing games won’t make you rich, you can still get paid for your gaming activities. Just make sure you assess the worth of your time before investing too much of it.

5 Refer a Friend for Tapestry App Review:

Tapestry offers a referral system that allows you to earn more by inviting friends and family to join the app. Share your unique referral link with them, and when they sign up, they become your referral. You’ll receive a reward for each successful sign-up through your link, with the reward amount varying based on your referral’s location.

Moreover, Tapestri’s referral system has two layers to it. At level one, you earn $1 for each individual who installs and joins the app using your unique link. There’s no limit to the number of direct referrals you can have, so your earning potential increases with each additional person you introduce.

At level two, your earnings come from the individuals your direct referrals invite to the app. If your 15 direct referrals (from Tier 1) each introduce 4 new users, you’ll earn $60 in total for these new users. As with Tier 1, there’s no restriction on the number of indirect referrals, allowing you to substantially increase your earnings as your network grows.

With a well-executed marketing strategy and a sizable network, you could easily earn over $50 monthly from the referral program. However, even without extensive networking skills, you can still earn a modest amount each month simply by allowing the app to operate on your device, collecting data passively.

What Can I Earn from Tapestry App Review?

Your potential earnings with Tapestri, like many other apps, largely depend on your level of involvement and how much you move around.

Based on my experimentation with this app, you could potentially earn up to $15 per month simply by allowing the app to track your movements. If you actively participate in the other activities mentioned above, your earnings could increase even further.

Additionally, there’s an option to upgrade your membership by paying an annual fee (the cost varies based on your location). This upgraded status grants you access to enhanced benefits, including higher earnings. With this upgraded membership, your referral rewards can transform from a one-time reward to a monthly recurring one for each active member you bring on board. It’s a straightforward way to boost your income, but it’s important to stay engaged with the app to ensure you recoup and benefit from your initial investment.

In summary, Tapestri presents a decent earning potential, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and frequently move around. However, if you’re less mobile, your earnings may not be as significant.

Overall, this app has the potential to earn you approximately $15 to $25 per month, depending on your level of activity and engagement.

Getting Paid for Tapestry App Review

Let’s delve into the rewards system offered by Tapestry.

On this platform, every task or action you complete will earn you coins. Once you accumulate enough coins, you can exchange them for rewards. If you prefer cash, you have the option to withdraw via Stripe. However, it’s important to note that the withdrawal threshold varies depending on your region. Sometimes, it could be as low as $1, while other times it might be set at $10. Keep in mind that withdrawing via Stripe incurs a fee of $2.25 plus 1% of the withdrawal amount. Be sure to factor this fee into your decision.

Alternatively, if cash isn’t your preferred reward, you can opt for gift cards instead.

As a last point regarding rewards, there used to be an option to trade your earnings for cryptocurrency using OpenNode. However, it appears that this option is no longer available. It remains uncertain whether they will reintroduce this feature in the future.

Joining to Tapestry App Review

If you’re enjoying the content, you can quickly begin your journey by downloading the app.

Tapestry is accessible in multiple countries, and you can check whether your country is included during the registration. If you find your country’s name in the list, you are eligible to join. If not, unfortunately, you won’t be able to join us at this time.

Joining is a simple process – just sign up with your email on their website, follow the link they send to download the app and complete the registration.

Membership is free, but please note that you must be at least 18 years old to join.


  • The app is free to download and use.
  • Tapestri promises potential earnings of up to $25 per month for sharing your data.
  • Users can enhance their earnings by investing $9.95 a month through the app’s affiliate program.
  • Users from countries like the USA, UK, and Australia may experience higher returns due to increased advertiser bids.
  • The app is a legitimate platform and pays its users.


  • The offer of $25 per month may appear too good to be true, raising concerns about additional data collection.
  • Users are not provided insights into the companies purchasing their data.
  • Unlike many other platforms offering free affiliate programs, Tapestri charges users for participation.
  • Many users report frequent crashes and technical issues.
  • The app seems to perform better on iPhones than on Android devices.
  • Setting up payment accounts and receiving payments can be challenging.
  • Some users have reported missing earnings or sudden balance decreases without explanation.
  • Customer support is lacking and unresponsive to users’ problems and complaints.


Tapestry is a genuine app that can help you earn some extra money on the side, especially if you prefer minimal effort. While it’s essential to manage your expectations, on average, you can make around $20 per month, possibly more if you refer the right individuals.

Frequent travelers can benefit the most from this app, but if you don’t travel often, you might want to explore other options as the benefits may not be as substantial.

If you are comfortable with the app anonymously selling your data, it’s worth considering. And remember, if you’re not satisfied with your earnings, you can always delete the app without any harm done.

That concludes the information for now. Please share your experiences in the comments below. Your feedback is always welcome.

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